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What To Look For In A Ringtone

May 10, 2008
Ringtones empower all types of mobile phone users today to listen to their favorite artists on their mobile phones. But the terminology used to describe ringtones can be confusing, and users don't always know what they are going to get when they buy or download certain types of ringtones.

Mobile phone ringtones go by several names- but of the most basic include the monophonic ringtone. Mono means "one," so we could likewise conclude that the mobile phone could only play one tone at a time. Because this was so, popular songs and other types of music were limited to the point where basic melodies could only be played.

Next we have the polyphonic ringtone. Poly means "many," so mobile phone users can probably guess that polyphonic ringtones allow mobile phone users to have ringtones that play more than one note at a time. With the release of the polyphonic ringtone, it was possible to obtain types of MIDI music and other recreations of popularized songs.

After the polyphonic ringtone came the TrueTone type, which allowed for a very realistic recreation of music and songs. Instead of just tones, TrueTone ringtones can recreate all types of percussion, guitar, and vocal noises through the enhanced ringtone format developers created. This invention paved the way to the success of the ringtone industry in particular.

Not all ringtones were created equal- in fact, some are used to be secretive when using a mobile phone. The Mosquito Ringtone has become a popular type of ringtone that only youth can hear. It is such a high frequency that adults who have suffered natural ear damage as they age will not be able to hear the tone- making it perfect for classroom or work usage where mobile phones are not permitted.

It has become recently applicable to put actual songs on mobile phones as ringtones. This is better than the TrueTone ringtone type, as actual songs can be kept in their original file type. This means there is no loss in quality due to file type changes or compression. However, this technology is usually only available on the more expensive phones- with the Smart Phone line of mobile phones in particular. However, it won't be long before this technology becomes mainstream.

In Conclusion

Mobile phones and ringtones are a match made in heaven. The terminology and phrases that describe such technologies might be confusing at first, but it turns out that just a little knowledge of prefix origins and mobile phone know-how can mean all the difference when knowing the details between the three types of ringtones. As technology seeks to evolve the ringtone industry, it is likely we will see more "secretive" ringtones and true song files gracing our mobile phones. Until then, mobile users should invest in a mobile phone that is TrueTone capable, or a Smart Phone if the funds are available.
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