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Being Successful Is A Journey Not A Destination

May 10, 2008
Considering your career is something you are probably going to be doing for the rest of your professional days or for a very long time you should make this decision after weighing your options.

I also knew that I wanted to make a good amount of money and live a comfortable lifestyle, but at the same time love going to work. Considering various socio-economic objectives, including costs, under-utilised properties are continually identified and assessed for possible disposal.

Being successful is being happy. Being loved, cherished, and living life is all I want. Being successful is a journey not a destination. You can be successful as soon as you start the journey - for example if you want to get fit, you start the process by successfully jogging a set distance. Being successful is a widely understood concept, not always good. So here I am about to talk about few advantages and disadvantages considering this matter.

Being successful is often about learning to get past personal barriers, to ensure that you don't ditch your personal goals (or your values on the way). So taking the first step (which is usually a simple phone call, setting up a meeting, or doing something you don't usually do) is often critical.

It is recognizing your own unique fears (your Life Lesson), acknowledging those fears, facing them, perhaps even talking about them, and moving through them to create the results that you want. Being successful is a product of a combination of passion, commitment and patience towards preconceived goals. Rarely is success just a matter of luck.

This is a matter of working at your craft, keeping in touch with the industry, and never giving up. Some people are successful the first time out, some take 15 years or so to be successful. Being successful is every business owners dream. In order to make a business successful, you need to be able to reach customers and make sure that everyone knows what you have to offer.

Start planning now to be a millionaire. If you are on your 20's and you can put about one hundred dollars a month in to a savings account, you will be more than a millionaire before you retire. Starting your own business is very risky.

To get over your fear of success, put your self in a situation where you HAVE to deal with it. Start slow and try and find physical activities that you like to do such as gardening, walking with a friend or even disc golf. Not everybody likes to exercise especially when just getting started but the benefits to increasing your physical activity are tremendous.

Start making a plan, visualize it and verbalize your desire. Then, just as your thoughts and intentions call new opportunities you must be willing to act upon their arrival.
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