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A Guide To Watching Free TV Shows Online

May 10, 2008
Getting a monthly cable bill is no fun- especially considering that there are usually only a couple of channels that are really worth watching for the average user. The Internet has fixed this problem in some ways, with the invention of video on demand technologies, which can give users access to cable and satellite TV shows- in some cases at no cost at all!

There are some legitimate resources that give consumers a way to watch TV online. The old faithful website of YouTube allows users to watch some TV shows completely free of charge. However, it should be noted that YouTube obeys strict copyright laws and will remove and copyrighted material in the instant they find it. This means that users will only be able to watch public access or non copyrighted shows, which are few and far between.

For a cheaper means of obtaining TV shows, the Internet serves to give consumers a cheaper monthly bill through special agreements between Internet publishers and TV networks and copyright holders. Some paid services offer TV shows online, although it is indeed cheaper than the average cable or satellite bill. There is also no installation fee, which can easily go into the hundreds.

While paying for TV shows at lowered costs is appealing to the average consumer, getting them completely free is much more appealing. In this case, copyright holders will put content on the Internet for free in exchange for advertisements being placed throughout the episode and on the website that is showcasing the content. Popular TV shows such as "South Park" have tried this experiment out, and the creators have seen a great success from it.

Still other media outlets have struck special deals with owners of copyrighted content. In the popular deal between YouTube and NBC, NBC agreed to give out certain episodes of certain TV shows for free on YouTube in exchange for advertising and other benefits. Included TV shows is the vastly popular "Saturday Night Live," which has been a successful series for many years. Others such as "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" have appeared on YouTube as a result of the deal.

While there are indeed many legit places to watch TV shows online, it's important to keep note of those that are less so. Some websites claim to be legit and charge users fees, when in fact the fees go straight to the pockets of the webmasters of the website, and the operation is still considered illegal. In such cases, consumers should ask for proof that a website has the authority to allow others to watch copyrighted content, and only then should funds be released to such websites.

In Conclusion

Getting access to TV shows for free is an interesting concept. Clearly, it may take some ingenuity and work on the consumers part to find legit episodes of TV shows for free. But the hard work pays off when monthly cable bills are erased forever- and what glory and satisfaction that is.
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