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For The Wholesale Business Entrepreneur or Forum Junkie

May 10, 2008
Are you investing your wholesale business time wisely? More like, productively? It has been said by many real smart business people and those that can back their words of wisdom thanks to experience, that you should use your time smartly and debunk those tasks that get you either pain that you believe you do not need to do or the actual task that can be done by someone else good as you do them or even better.

After focusing my time on a new upcoming system, it is finally time to bring my own positive pep talk even if Google has me forgotten for a few days. Confirming, this is a small pep talk to help you get more productive time and the not the other way around.

There are many smart people online that believe that forums are ways to help you get on track. Those are, wholesale business enthusiast in message boards that have to do with wholesale, self help forums for those that need a nice hand to get on track with perhaps a paid product. It is ok, it is intelligent to do so and even recommended.

However, I must remind anyone and their soul that going to forums to make a virtual living while having another Forum Lover person as a nickname continuously posting you message of love without something concrete or perhaps, something that would be beneficial for you and your business - is a waste of time.

Forums are fantastic tools to build friendship and profitable unity. In other words -relationships, friends and partners with purpose. Heck, if I ever have a guru tell me that you are in the business of Internet marketing or in the wholesale business- I should virtually smack him and deal with the well done consequences later on.

The purpose of being in forums is once again, in a hurry, to build relationships. We as marketers are and should be in the business of public relations. That is promoting a genuine goodwill towards others in your must natural and effective positive way. If you have want a wholesale list for example.

You can go to a forum, yahoo answers and ask your next door car salesman neighbor to provide you health spa distributing sources. Must likely it will not work, however, it is a way to start spending time to get what you want while you initiate or continue to grow a relationship - not to downgrade permanently a relationship.

So like the advice, some just hate the advice. It is your decision to know what side of the coin you want to be. Work to finally play it correctly as it should traditionally be McDonalds restaurants in my opinion, should not be a positive example taken here for our online market or stay average and become the forum junkie while posting numerous post that do not have anything to do whatsoever with business and later complain on why life has been awful.

A reminded example of this, I know this forum junkie. Let us call this junkie: a sad entertainer. The dude got so hypnotized probably,probably still is, by things I have said that many people need to understand because they embrace truth to everyone because of technology, marketing advances, among the other usual things that hurt but are the truthful facts but have to be said to make people understand who you are and the ideals you embrace as they are just, well, facts of a new age.

In a nutshell, the sad entertainer believed that his misery and hatred was to be waived and balance with my success and my handful of luck. I needed to confront him, I did and I succeeded nicely. Private messages of care and caution were sent to the potentially affected, 3 emails from unknown dudes to me until now and even 2 invitations to private networks by people I respect, one was from a friend and a so called guru. While my confrontation needed my divine attention to correct the sick mind, I made friends out of what they saw.

Obviously, even more confident was grown and more determination was added into the game play. The best of both worlds indeed, however others perceived as incorrect without a doubt. The moral of the story, you should hang around people that are in the same caliber as you or you could permanently suffer the consequences for a lifetime if you are weak and are distracted enough.

Forums are a great place to build and continue business relationships, not to exchange misery and sadness. That is why I do not post much anymore at forums, however, I do remind myself to reply and post to either give back or to make correct statements.

Use your time wisely, do not get sucked in by a sad entertainer who can try and still your productive time and be useful to your community. Life is a delicate game of choices, you either are good and never compromise who you are or you let others compromise who you are to have you live the life they want you to live. I choose the happy and healthy life, how about you?
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