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Chips Flood the Electronics Market, Flash More Affordable

May 10, 2008
There are some good things about having what the media calls a "downturn" in the U.S. economy. One of them is that consumers who have the capacity to buy right now are finding some good deals. This is especially true for the electronics market.

Not only are the consumers getting good deals, but the shop owners who are selling wholesale discount electronics are getting great prices from their overseas suppliers. Specifically this is in regards to flash memory. One research source stated that this quarter average wholesale flash prices dropped a few notches down, nearly 20% in comparison to the first quarter prices.

The consumer's savings are not only found so much in the price of the chip, but more on the aspect of getting more for your money's worth. For example, the an average price for a USB flash drive is around $26, but the average storage capacity for the same money went from 1.85 GB to 2.15.

This article will go over why this trend in consumer electronic has shown up now and what some of the factors that are that causing this.

Economic Reasons

Since the U.S. economy has dropped and national consumer spending has waned, consumer demand isn't what it used to be. This in turn created a surplus of flash memory. Since the demand had once been higher, the inertia of shipment had not relented leaving suppliers and wholesale discount electronics resellers with more flash chips on hand to get rid of.

Although there is a overall slump in the market, specifically for flash memory, the technology that goes into this has improved. When the market comes back this fact will bolster demand even further after the economic recoil effect.

For the consumer, there are also good prices to be found. Many of the big manufacturers are using this slow in demand for price slashing. Apple, for instance, reduced its price for the iPod Shuffle from $79 to $49. Since the market for flash is subject to change quickly, smaller manufacturers are wary of doing this.

Cheap Flash Deals

Of course you are probably going to find deals online that sold on a national level; you will also see some pricing go down in local large metropolis areas with high competition. Similar to Japan's Akihabara district you may see some of the electronic market districts in the U.S. like discount electronics in Long Island and areas similar to this.

The demand will probably spike around the holidays, so from both a reseller and consumer point of view, buying early when the market is geared like this is probably the best bet for your dollar.
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