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Using Tags For Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Aug 17, 2007
You have most probably seen them in a lot of the popular, youth-oriented websites today. They are a bunch of keywords bunched together in a box under the label of "tags." But what are tags, exactly? And what do they mean to a marketer who wishes to establish his presence in the World Wide Web.

In such a short time, tags have become the "cooler" alternative for information search on the internet. And in this business, knowing what is cool is tantamount to knowing what is hot, and knowing what is hot more or less will tell you where the most profitable market is.

Tags In A Nutshell

A lot of people confuse tags with keywords. This shouldn't be the case. Keywords are the terms that people use to search for information using the many search engines in cyberspace. Tags, on the other hand, are the terms that webmasters and bloggers use to categorize their content, and the terms that more and more online users use to find relevant information.

The difference is clear: keywords are mined by search engines, tags are mined by real people.

What does this mean?

By capitalizing on the growing popularity of tags, you can ensure that your website will be able to derive a lot of back links and generate a lot of visitors, through methods that you YOURSELF can control. You're no longer reliant on search engine algorithms. With tags, you can determine where to place your content, when to place your content, and how your content can be found.

Why Tags?

Exploiting tags will make your online enterprise even more profitable. It's like harvesting the benefits from a source that will eventually be as powerful as the search engines. In a way, tags are already more powerful than keywords.

A directory that is devoted to tags, like technorati.com , allows its members to categorize their new content under certain tags. If you'd select a tag and enroll your newest content there, your URL will appear on the very top of the said page. What does this mean? You can go either of two ways:

1. Select a hot tag that fetches a lot of views, and constantly update your website. This way, your URL will always appear on the very top of the listing under the said tag.

2. Select an unpopular tag, one which is so unique that there are little or no entries under its listing. Then enroll your entries there. This way, your website will always appear at the top all the time. This is a great option for those really obscure niches.

Additionally, online users have the option of bookmarking a specific tag they want, as well as a website within the said tag. If your website will prove to be fantastic for people, they will bookmark your URL in their social bookmarking account. Now, the best thing about this is that people can share their bookmarking account with others. Hence, your URL will be distributed virally, and you will be surprised to generate a lot of traffic from unexpected sources.

Tags Make Great Research Tools

Perhaps you're on the lookout for the hottest subjects to focus on. Tags have rendered other online market research options quite obsolete. You can immediately view the hottest tags on the main page of every social networking, social bookmarking, and tag directories in the World Wide Web. These tags are hot because they manage to fetch a lot of page views. Hence, such should give you an idea what people are really looking for.

Surely, the savvy internet marketer in you will find many more ways on how to truly capitalize on this novel and innovative channel.
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