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Becoming a Clickbank Super Affiliate Virtually Overnight

May 11, 2008
In this article I am going to give you a detailed plan on how to promote Clickbank products and make massive profits almost instantly, from selling other peoples products. I'm going to start by talking to you about Clickbank and affiliate programs, then continue on to show you some amazing techniques that you can use.

With this plan in place you could be the next 'Clickbank Super Affiliate'. It's easier than you think when you have the right tools and tactics.

Let's jump in. Ready? Who is Clickbank?

Clickbank is the middle man. They are the buffer between the product owners and the affiliates. Most of their products are membership sites and information products. No physical products are sold through Clickbank... BUT there is a way to sell a physical product that we can cover in another article.

As it stands now, Clickbank has over 100,000 affiliates, making them the largest seller of info products. They way to check out these products is to go to Clickbank marketplace. Open it up now. I'll wait...

Clickbank super affiliates like you and me. Well, I mean... you will be, right? We go to Clickbank because it is like going to Bass Pro shop if you're a fisherman. Products are everywhere and some pay out 75% of the sale of the book. Can you say 'goldmine'?

The top ten affiliates of a clickbank product is called a 'Clickbank Super Affiliate'. And for good reason, they worked hard to get there... OR... they had a big list who loves them. Hint. Hint.

(HINT:) We go much beyond just linking to a product.

Instead we promote the heck out of it!

Building relationships... getting people to like you... these are the basic tools of the clickbank super affiliate.

As a clickbank super affiliate we drive high numbers of laser targeted traffic to the site to guarantee that all important sale. We don't do all the work; we use simple, tested methods that constantly work. To beat the competition you have to be better, stronger and more persuasive than them.

Finding the Hot Products to Promote

Ride the wave. Find out what is hot on Clickbank and what is already selling well. Don't try to find the one that will be the champ... At least not in the beginning. Look at the sales page. Would you buy?

People don't buy crap!

**There's ways to work around their sales page that we'll get into later.

First of all you need to select the niche that you are going to promote. Try and choose something you are interested in or know a lot about as this will make things much easier once you start promoting the product.

Head on over to Clickbank Marketplace.

Enter in your most general niche as the keyword... You can sort by 'High Gravity' and this will bring the hottest products to the top.

All the details about the product are on the Clickbank website. There is a lot of information here and you really need to know what it all means. This comes next

$Earned/Sale - This is what you get paid. The bigger the number... the more you earn. Sweet.

Future $ - This is how much you can be paid after the first sale; this is usually for membership sites or re-bills.

Total $ - This is the average earnings from the initial sales as well as re-bills.

%Earned/Sale - Percentage of the sale price you will earn. This is always between 1% and 75%.

%Referred - This is the percentage of sales that are made by affiliates.

Gravity - This basically shows how popular the product has been recently. Usually the higher this number is the better.

Ok, so you know which products you want to go after. Now you need to make some money with them. First of all, checkout the sales copy of the website. Would you buy it? Why? Write the reasons down.

Do they have an affiliate page? These are great. The good ones will include articles, banners, and even websites that you can use. The more... the less you have to do.

One of the biggest mistakes I see newbies do is just to pick a product because it seems to sell well. Wrong. Go to Google and search the name of the product. How many ads do you see on the right.

It's incredibly hard to find the right product to promote. A lot of people who want to become clickbank super affiliates go after the make money sites and to me this is a mistake. The big boys dominant these sites and there are so many niches that are better.

It is, however, much easier to promote an affiliate product in a smaller niche, horse training for example.

It shouldn't be too hard to find a good product to promote if you take the time to dig deep and find something that is going to work well for you. Research is everything when promoting a product and you should do this before spending a dime on advertising.
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