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Top Network Marketers Have Something In Common

May 11, 2008
Building a network marketing business can be tough at times - for everyone - even those people who experience long term success in the industry. You know, the people who make big money and have thousands and thousands of people in their network.

Now, if I told you that the big money earners in network marketing all have certain characteristics in common would you believe me? If so, would you want to know what those characteristics are? Sure you would! You probably want to know to see if you have those characteristics as well.

I'm going to share with you 8 characteristics that people who earn a significant income in network marketing have in common. If you discover that you do not have all of these characteristics, then guess what? That's not a problem because you can develop these characteristics. Simply put your mind to it and seek the help from people who are skilled in these areas.

The 8 Characteristics of Top Network Marketers

1. When they prospect, they sort. They sort people into one of three categories: interested, not interested, interested and qualified. Of these three categories who do you think top network marketers spend their time recruiting? You got it - the people who are interested and qualified.

You see, top network marketers don't play the "throw a bunch of spaghetti up against the wall to see what sticks" game. Instead they play the "sorting game." They are constantly on the look out for people they think are qualified for the business - people with the particular experiences, traits and skill sets that are common among people who are successful in this industry.

This brings us to the seven other characteristics that are common among top network marketers. Top network marketers posses the following traits. However these characteristics are also what top network marketers look for in people who they invite to join them in business.

Keep in mind that the world needs variety. If we expect to function as a society we can't all be doctors or lawyers or even network marketers. Think about it: not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, a pilot, a hair stylist, or even a network marketing leader.

However, there are enough people out there that are cut out to be a top network marketer. The key is in finding those people. Here is what you look for in your self and in others.

2. Work well with others. Motivating, intelligent, positive, encouraging, and friendly. Tends to be more objective than subjective. Does not backbite, complain, whine, or blame.

3. Outgoing and confident. Good communicators. Tend to be more extroverted compared to introverted. Confident, articulate and have a sense of humor. Typically well liked and can speak confidently in front of others.

4. Achievers. People who get things done. People who start something and finish it. Achievers are not dreamers as much as they are doers. Achievers commit to do whatever it takes to get it done.

5. They are a center of influence. They are already affiliated with a large network of successful people, have a lot of contacts and people respect their opinion.

6. Entrepreneurial. Has made money by some sort of enterprise in the past or present. This isn't always something glamorous or high-end. Maybe the person generated a lot of money from something as simple as selling cookies. It's more about the fact that they are accustomed to doing their own thing.

7. Financially stable. Generally not living paycheck to pay check, not broke and not always in need of money.

8. A natural leader. They get people organized. People respect them and typically follow their lead. Organizes things or events.

So, first get real with yourself and determine if you possess all of the above characteristics. If you don't, then look to see how you can develop the ones you think you do not currently have.

As you develop those characteristics, continue to get better and better at sorting when you're prospecting for people to join you in your business. Focus on inviting into your business only those people who have all of the above characteristics.
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Kimberly Anne is a seasoned businessperson with over 20 years of marketing experience. With a BA and a MBA, she has helped thousands of people start home businesses and achieve success. For more info about how to achieve success in MLM, visit Kimberly's site www.all-about-home-businesses.com.
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