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Knowing What Counts Above Everything Else

May 11, 2008
Quote -- Perform every act in life as though it were your last.
--Marcus Aurelius

Whether you are a success or a failure, you are emotionally invested in the way you view yourself. Whatever you experience in life has already been determined by your thoughts, your actions, and what influences you internally.

When you make a decision to believe you will reach a certain goal, you tend to not disappoint yourself in making it happen. Nor, do you let anyone else cause your disappointment. Obstacles do not get in your way. You program your mind to reach your goal.

You can develop the attitude of accomplishing what you expect. So, surprise yourself by starting every day expecting to reach your goals. This attitude teaches you to anticipate your progress, avoid setbacks, and cut disappoints to a minimum. It also keeps you going until your goal is accomplished.

Each of us has a built-in memory of potential possibilities. You can actually train your mental powers to work for you in any given situation. Everything is possible. Though, everything is not possible with each and every path you take to do it. However, once you develop an attitude of strength and confidence, you can learn to do anything you choose.

Your self-worth is just as much a part of your physical and mental ability as the kinds of emotional expectations you express. For example, if you expect to be impatient, depressed, angry, or worried, these behaviors will become a part of your nature. You must prove yourself through your actions. Learn to think, feel and behave in more positive ways.

Focus on results. Just knowing that it would it be wiser to express positive emotions in your life so that your results are positive, is a worthy choice. Positive choices like expressing courage, strength, creativeness, respect for others, and gratitude increases your chance of attracting more of the same. Then you are better able to cope when problems do arise.

What are your life values? What moral obligations do you keep in making your life work? Are you kind? Are you non-judgmental? How many times do you look at a different viewpoint without thinking yours is the right way?

Do you set rules that keep your life structured? Are you productive in your career, or do you just coast along from day-to-day? Can you work out-side the box? Are you independent, or do you need someone to tell you what to do?

Are you grateful for what you now have instead of complaining about what you do not have? What is the value of your physical condition? Are you healthy and fit? Do you eat nutritional meals? Do you take care of your image and appearance? How is your self-confidence?

Create a vision of your hopes, dreams and goals for success. Be clear on what you need to resist and focus on what works. This is what matters most. And whatever you choose, you must accept full responsibility for your actions and the consequences.

There are times when your self-worth is limited and even tested. If your values are threatened, take an inventory of what may be lacking in your life. What events cause your feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem to exist? Can you bounce back after an upset?

Find ways to increase your mental, physical and spiritual health so that you have a safe haven to call upon when needed. Find ways to monitor and track your daily progress. Whether it is for your personal life or your business and professional life, all steps to make your progress happen are the same.

Make a point to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. This also lessens any unwelcome shocks that may cause your positive emotions to suffer. Make a list of all the qualities you value. Reinvent yourself, if need be, to become more positive, kind and considerate, less judgmental, and happy instead of being angry and resentful.

Other worthwhile values may include:

A forgiving nature
Attractive and well groomed in appearance and dress
A good listener
Inspire others
Being a good friend
Being committed
Easy to get a long with

When you know where you wish to be in life, motivate yourself and others. Change the way you act, think, and feel to make it happen. Take pride in any little step you do that gets you there.

Know that you are special and deserve all that life has to offer you. And knowing what counts above everything else is the greatest treasure in your life.
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