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Article Marketing Connects to Your Target Affiliate Market

May 11, 2008
You have a website to promote your affiliate products but the traffic flow to it is not exactly rush hour volume. You're looking for an efficient way to promote your site to send visitors your way. Article marketing is the way to go if you want to reach your target affiliate audience.

How does article marketing work? It's simple, really. Write quality content containing keywords relevant to your website and affiliate products. Submit the content to article directories, editors, newsletter publishers and the like. They publish the article on relevant sites across the Internet. The keywords used in your article link back to your website, optimized with the same keywords.

The great thing about article marketing is you get people hooking into your site who were looking for you in the first place. Just think of it, your niche market headed your way.

It's akin to a golf pro shop operating at your favorite course. The course owner is licking his chops every morning he unlocks the shop door. Why is that? The reason is everyone who will walk through that door that day will be a golfer. They want golf products. The golf course owner now sits back waiting for them. He doesn't worry that all these people are looking for furniture, canned peas or the latest Harry Potter book. They're looking for golf stuff. His target market is zeroing in on his cash drawer. People visit the course and ended up at the pro shop. The golf course as a whole is "the article" linking back to the golf pro shop or "website."

It's the same with article marketing. Key words in your article bring people who use those words in their searches to your site. They looked for your stuff and punched in keywords and phrases - which brought them to your article, which brought them to you. Around and around we go, where it stops, your banker knows. That's how article marketing works.

With this type of marketing, you will sell more affiliate products from your site. People who end up at your cyber doorstep are in the market for your selection of goods or service. Article marketing converts more visitors to buyers. It's because you have been a good groundskeeper, your article weeds out the uninterested and sends only those interested in your affiliate products your way.

Articles are the way information gets distribution on the web. Your exposure on the web increases with a wide distribution of even one article. That's because the links in your one article have now multiplied. All these links back to you will increase your web ranking as well.

An article marketing campaign makes wise use of your time and money. The cost for unlimited article submission is inexpensive and a distribution service handles all the work for you. Spend time doing business while they do the rest. In fact, their professional writing services will even write the article for you if you want to hand the whole shebang over to them.

It's wise to explore the article campaign option for your affiliate business. It's a proven method for driving traffic to a website and increasing affiliate sales. It's a proven method for converting that traffic into buyers, and repeat ones at that. Who knows, with a big increase in affiliate sales you may be spending more time on that golf course.
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Jim Slader manages the affiliate program at Article Marketer, the largest article distribution service on the Internet. Earn commissions on a product that virtually sells it; become an Article Marketer Affiliate today. Join the winning team: it's quick and easy .
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