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Ride Off Into The Sunset Wearing Your Big White Hat

May 11, 2008
Publishing on the Web is one the most innovative changes in business in recent times. Many business start-ups use it as a viable way to promote their businesses. It is fast becoming the number one way businesses connect and stay in touch with their customer base.

There was a time not long ago when it was all too easy to be at the top of any search engine with just a few smoke and mirrors tricks. Sadly, some of those ineffective tactics are still being sold as preferred methods today.

Successful Web masters, search engine experts and site owners have all come to the same conclusion about "black hat" SEO tactics: if you don't want to get slammed by the search engines, then you better play by the rules. The worst part is that it's all unnecessary in the first place. There are much better ways to appease the powers that be while gaining greatly in the race with competitors.

Article Marketing

Submitting articles to article directories is a proven way to attract more visitors, gain higher search engine rankings and make you more money. Online e-zines and newsletters today offer the ability to be seen and recognized by thousands of potential new customers daily. A well-written article will pull visitors from search engines for years.

Submitting articles is a fast and easy way to connect with your customers and build credibility while obtaining expert status in your given field. Search engines and article directories, however, are getting tougher on the articles they accept for publication. They seek good, solid, spam-free informational articles and will accept nothing less.

Website/Sales Copy

Copy writing has become a top skill required for success in online businesses. If a business owner decides not to use the services of a professional writing agency, then the decision to learn copy writing needs to be taken very seriously. It is, nonetheless, a skill that can be learned with study and practice.

There is a process that goes along with solid copy writing and connects the product, target market and overall plan together. Good copy writers master this and know how to create emotional triggers through anchors. They are insightful and detail-oriented.
Success requires you to provide good website content for your visitors. Excellent web content is required to sell goods and services in this Internet Age. Web copy must engage, inform and be search engine friendly. Online readers are intent on finding information quickly and not wading through pages of muck and hype.

Copy writing is all about sales. Writing effective web content is the key to converting visitors into buyers. Good copy obviously generates more sales than poor copy. Copy writing is about using selective words that provide more effect than graphics and pictures.

Many people with broad backgrounds and a knack for the written word find copy writing easy to accomplish. Individuals good at grammar and writing may be able to develop outstanding website content themselves. Profit pulling content will put a business miles ahead of the competition. If that's not your cup of tea, then there are professional writing services available to provide exactly what is needed.

Several things to keep in mind when writing articles and copy:

Consistency Through Change

Writing web content is not a one-time task. The successful business web site will change content frequently. The same applies to articles submitted and published; it is an on-going process.

Web content that is fresh, relevant and well-written is instrumental to success. Also remember search engines prefer relatively short pages of about 500-700 words; writing effectively for the Web is an instance where more is not necessarily better.

Keywords Are Key

While important for all web content, keywords are not the whole picture in and of themselves and they must be relevant and frequently searched. Keywords bring the web page or article to the attention of Web surfers seeking information.

Ensure careful placement of one or two relevant keyword terms most likely searched when looking for that kind of page. The same practice applies to content articles that are submitted and distributed for publication.

More than anything else; be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and your Web presence won't be either. Technique, skill, patience and consistency will win out in the race to become connected with your targeted customer base.
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