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How To Be Effective At E-Mail Marketing

May 11, 2008
It is no secret that email marketing is an effective way to sell products. The advantage of building a list of subscribers is that you can get to sell to that same person over and over again. Research has shown that it can take up to 5 to 7 contacts with a particular prospect in order for them to buy your products.

There are many companies out there offering lists that you can buy and while this method may work, perhaps a better strategy is to build the list yourself through your own opt in newsletter. The kind of newsletter you create will depend on the types of products you are trying to sell. Remember that certain products sell better than others on the internet so focus on those items that people commonly purchase online like e-books or software.

Trust is an important factor to build with your subscribers so be sure to offer good quality information in your e-mails in addition to recommending your products and services. The headline you use in your e-mail series can make a big difference in the open rates. A good tip is to start the headline with the subscriber's first name and also to avoid too much hype.

Remember that your subscribers most likely are also getting tons of other e-mails too filled with marketing messages so keeping a low profile will help to set you apart and make it appear more like an e-mail from a friend rather than someone trying to sell you something. You can create a newsletter series using an autoresponder service which you can find easily by simply running a search for them.

Look for an autoresponder service that allows unlimited autoresponders in your account and also unlimited messages. A good way to learn how to craft effective newsletter series that convert into sales is by observing what some of the gurus are doing. Simply sign up for some of the popular guru newsletters and observe the kinds of messages they send and learn from that to create your own series.

A good tip on a topic for an e-mail series is to create some type of 'how to' series or a mini course that lasts seven to ten days and consists of five to six e-mails. It is a good idea to spread out your e-mails by at least one or two days so that your prospects do not feel like they are being bombarded by messages and feel inclined to unsubscribe.

An effective way to attract prospects to sign up for your newsletter is to offer something of value upfront like a free bonus of some sort if they sign up now. Also mentioning that the bonus offer is limited can help to increase subscription rates as it will increase the sense of urgency to sign up. In addition offering free trials of some of your products if possible by forcing your prospects to give you their name and e-mail address first is also a good way to increase your subscriber base.

A powerful tool to integrate into your newsletter can be using online audio and video, this is a great way to build a strong relationship with your subscribers and increase loyalty even though it does take more work upfront. Utilize some of these e-mail marketing tips to help you increase your sales and profits.
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