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4 Legitimate Ways to Get Free Prospects Lists

May 11, 2008
The word free is broad, but in this sense, you're probably looking for a way to obtain prospect lists that won't cost you a dime. It may seem implausible, but it's not.

4 Legitimate Ways to Get Free Prospects Lists

Here's what you can do to get more prospects for your network marketing proposal without breaking the law.

Make a catchy ad.

There are many places online that allow you to advertise for free. Of course, most of them would also limit your advertisements to a few lines so you need to make each word count. In making advertisements that aim to obtain contact details of future prospects, the key is finding your target market's weakness.

If you are selling memory aids, and your target market are students, your ad could emphasize how your products can help them get excellent grades in a short span of time and without cheating. That's all you have to say and they'll send you their contact details right away in hopes of finding more about your product.

Offer something for free.

And though this might mean you'll have to spend, you don't have to actually do that. Rather, you can offer something that cost you nothing to produce as well. This can be email newsletters, digital products, and online seminars. All of these will only require you to share your time, effort, and wisdom.

With these products, you're also giving yourself the platform to further convince them about the value of your products. Also, make sure that you specify the terms and conditions of your offer clearly. In accepting your offer, they are also allowing you to contact them about your network marketing proposal.

Maintain a blog.

Standards for marketing blogs are high. Your posts must not just be informative but they have to be entertaining as well. They must also be written in a cohesive and logical manner, with perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But the rewards are enormous. If you post regularly and you maintain the quality of your writing, you'll eventually build yourself an audience. Next, you'll get to convince them to offer their email addresses in return for getting more of your blog posts, and later on, you might even convince them to take you up on your network marketing offer.

Look for network marketing seekers.

These are people who are truly interested in joining network marketing but have no idea how or where to get started. You can usually find them in forums or classified sections of websites. Most of them will require you to send them a private message first. If they like your offer, that's the time they'll give you their email addresses.

What to Do When You've Gotten Your List of Free Prospects

Now, let's say that any of the ideas listed here helped you obtain access to free prospects lists. If so, map out your plan for approaching them carefully. Your first email should have a subject line that lets them know about the gist of your message and remind them at the same time that they've given you permission to contact them. The latter will prevent them from labeling your mail as spam. Re-read your email message several times, making sure that you've listed your complete contact details and that your call to action at the end is powerfully worded.
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