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Who is Doug Firebaugh?

May 11, 2008
If you are into multi-level marketing or network marketing, chances are, you would have encountered some tips and ideas that were popularized by Doug Firebaugh. This is because more than a million people read through his online materials per month; he also gives extensive training to people who are interested in becoming successful network marketers. Doug Firebaugh is the Chairman and CEO of PowerFire Training Group International which is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has a lot of training projects, online sites, and partnerships that are designed to help the network marketer.

So if you are looking for expert advice in the field of network marketing, look no further than Doug Firebaugh's materials. With over 20 years experience in the sales and direct marketing industry, you are assured that the insights and learning he imparts are based not only on technical knowledge of the industry but through experience as well. He has own countless awards because of his "Maximize their Human Success Capital" training program.

His contribution in building a successful organization that focuses on direct marketing has produced millions in sales from around the world. Up to now, he is out during every weekend doing talks and seminars for Passion and Training so that people can transform the way they conduct their network marketing activities and emerge successful in their endeavors. People are left inevitably feeling empowered by all the things they have learned. There are three network marketing concepts that Doug Firebaugh believes in and you should keep these in mind so you will not get discouraged easily. Here are the three:

1. You will fight discouragement and frustration everyone goes through this phase when they start on their network marketing business. It is important for a person to get over this fact, accept it, and move forward. Most network marketers are joining a business they had never been in before and because of this, they will make "freshmen" mistakes. Don't expect network marketing to be easy and this is not a business wherein you will become rich overnight because it never happens like that except in a very limited number of exceptional cases.

2. There are two types of hours in network marketing business The first is known as the molding hours and the next is the golden hours. The molding hours are the time when you are molding your business for success. The second type is when it is striking it rich. Realize that you need both to be successful.

3. Ambition, consistency, and refusal ambition is the push for you to do things in life you have never done before because you want to be successful. You don't want to be denied and you believe in yourself, this enables you to work towards your goal. On the other hand, consistency is the everyday effort you put into running your network marketing business. No matter the challenges you face and what you're feeling, you just keep doing it. A lot of times, stubbornness can work and in network marketing, it works big time. So despite anything you experience, refuse to give up, refuse to listen to discouragement, and refuse to remain average. Refusal to settle for anything less than success will bring success to your doorsteps. With all these in mind, it is easy to conclude that Doug Firebaugh definitely knows what he's talking about.
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