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Traffic Generation Tactics : How To Use Article Marketing To Drive Unstoppable Streams of Traffic

May 11, 2008
Users of article marketing know it is the best free technique to get exposure and visitors to their website. The purpose is for people to find your article, read it and then follow the link to your site from the blog or other place they read it. For the best response, a website or blog for example that is well visited each day is the best place to submit it; it doesn't take to long before the visitors begin to arrive at your site. Large, well visited sites are generally trusted so if your content is accepted, it should improve your reputation as well; trust is probably more important on the Internet because most people are faceless.

Article marketing carried out this way (i.e. more than once) will get people to look upon you as an author whose work they will seek out because the content is good. If you do not get this trust from people about the quality of your work, they will not visit your site(s). Over time the number of links you receive from other high ranking or authority sites will increase your own ranking with Google; as your ranking grows, there will be even more visitors to your site. The benefit of all these sites linking to your site is a increase in your ranking; more importantly, none of this traffic actually costs anything at all!

It is the links placed in the text and at the bottom of the page that makes article marketing so useful, successful and popular! When other internet users find your articles good, they tend to insert them into their own sites with all the back links to your site which just helps its ranking. Just how quickly you will visited by a search engine and listed can vary enormously from a day to months! During this period, the best thing to do is continue submitting your articles to a many popular sites as possible and write more because this can speed the process up.

Adding fresh and unique content to your site regularly will boost your article marketing campaign and help its ranking. The visitors you attract have no idea most of the time you are trying to sell them something. People searching for details about a product or service will not mind the sales side providing the information is interesting. It is once they have entered your site where you have the chance to sell to them. This a little like taking them by the hand so they know what they are buying and most importantly, why. The last thing you want after making the sale is to return the money so by doing carrying out this process you lessen your chance of it happening.

If you continue your article marketing this way you can expect a profitable future; do not think for one minute that this is will be a success if it is only done the once! It is not just articles that you write that will be on other websites but if your site is good, you will receive links from other websites also; your content or article will have information that other people are seeking. Never underestimate how easy it is to increase your site traffic at no cost; all you have to do is ensure your content is on topic and unique to have constant visitors.
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