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3 Ways to Use Internet Network Marketing to Create Leads

May 12, 2008
Internet network marketing is the ability to use the power and the leverage of the internet to help you build your home based business easier. In most cases that specifically mean that you use the Internet to help you generate home based business leads for your primary company.

Writing articles is one important way to leverage the power of the internet in order to create leads for your home business. The best kind of articles are the "how to" articles or the "X ways to do XYZ." You'll want to write an enticing resource box at the end of your articles.

Internet network marketing makes it that much easier to get your articles distributed around the net. You can submit your articles to articles directories or straight to ezine publishers or webmasters-all at the click of your mouse.

The second way to generate home based business leads for your business is to blog. Blogging can be a little tricky. You have to get the attention of people in your niche, in this case network marketing, via social marketing sites, like Digg or via the search engines itself. You can do both for best results.

Social marketing is dependent upon people finding your stuff and likening it enough to vote your content up or down (in the case of Digg). You're relying on people to find your blog/blog posts. You'll have to interact in these communities and become a participant, not just someone who just submits articles and run.

If you want your blog to get picked up highly in the search engines you have to optimize your blog to do that. The best platform for that is Wordpress (un-hosted version). Atomic blogging is a good course that teaches you what you should do to get your blog optimized for the search engines.

On your blog, you'll want to write posts that attract other network marketers to you.

A third way to use Internet network marketing in your business is to start doing Squidoo lenses around your target keywords. Squidoos rank high in the search engines and the platform to build your Squidoo site on is very easy to use.

Provide useful content with call to actions in your lens and you will create leads for your network marketing company.

There you have three ways to use and harness the power of Internet network marketing to help you create home based leads for your business. The key is to stay consistent and be persistent...and the power of Internet network marketing will be unleashed unto you.
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