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Web Hosting - How To Find The Right Provider For Your Needs

May 12, 2008
If you are the Owner of VP of Business Development for a brand new company, you probably know how important the internet will be in building your business. Constructing your website is one thing, choosing a company to host your website with is another thing. Once your website is live on the internet, you want it to stay there. Choose the wrong company to host with, and you may find that your website has a lot of down time leaving you scrambling for a new option and shelling out even more money to transfer your domain and host with another provider. When choosing an internet hosting provider, make sure you look into the following things.

First, you should look for a web hosting company whom a solid reputation for up time. No one, and I repeat, no one wants their website to go down. I cannot tell you how frustrating and how much money you can lose by having your site do down right in the middle of the day. What is even more frustrating is when you contact customer service and all they can tell you is they are having server issues. Really? I couldn't tell!

Second, you should look at pricing for a few of the hosting companies you are considering. Remember, cheaper doesn't always mean the best deal! Most companies who say they can host your website for $2 a month are worthless. Like I said in the paragraph above, if you are experiencing a lot of down time, you are losing a lot of money. Better off going with a company that costs a little bit more, around $6-7 per month and have 99% up time.

Third, you should look at how much room they are allocating for you on their servers. This is imperative, especially if you are looking to grow really fast. You will be hating your life pretty bad if you run out of space and either have to buy more from them, which gets very expensive, or move everything from one web hosting provider to another.

Fourth, you need to look into how easy their control panel is to use. Remember, if you don't have a web developer on site, you or someone else, with little experience will have to manage the website. The easier it is to maneuver around the control panel, the less time you will be forced to spend learning everything and making changes.

Now that you have a little more information about things to look for in a web hosting company, I hope that you can go out and make an educated decision about who to host with. Make sure that you shop around and look for a company who can provide you with everything you need to make your business successful.
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Greg Shuey is an expert when it comes to Web Hosting. Through lots of research and trial and error, he has found that Host Monster is a perfect fir for his and his clients business needs.. Visit Web Vizion to learn about web hosting and other Solutions For Your Small Business. You can also check out their Internet Marketing Strategy blog.
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