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Why Home Businesses Fail

Aug 17, 2007
Embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey, especially for any sort of home based enterprise can be challenging, exciting, and certainly rewarding. There are possibilities of failure, and equally, possibilities of success.

Lack of financial planning and investment. A significant amount of the time, inexperienced home business owners will lack a general understanding of business finance. Investment capital is needed to start with. Every at-home entrepreneur has big dreams of becoming financially successful, considerably rich, or simply well-off; But few understand that during the onset of implementing their business plans they must let go of their uneasiness at spending on necessities such as marketing, advertisement, research tools, and other specific resources needed to allure, capture, and retain customers. Every business owner must have a financial plan that not only takes investment into account, but calculates every possibility within the realm of the big and little picture. No detail is too large or small to be overlooked or unaccounted for.

Failing to meet the customers needs. Customers are essentially the bread and butter of any business. The failure of a home business can be due to a plain or outright lack of attention to the customers needs. Entrepreneurs who base their businesses on personal passions, or hobbies my overlook their customer base entirely. They may pick a market that is not popular, or may offer a product that lacks a solution or fails to solve a common problem amongst their customer base. Home business owners who fail to take a serious approach by procrastinating, scheduling too many days off, or ignoring customer inquires, increase their potential for failure.

Poor marketing techniques. The failure of a home business can be a direct cause of an ineffective marketing approach or strategy. Attracting a viable customer or client base is imperative. Home businesses must generate marketing materials that grab the attention of their clients, are easy to understand, and provide clear and concise information on the product or service offered. Demonstration materials, brochures, or web sites that lack professionalism can deter customers and give the overall impression that your home business lacks seriousness.

Lack of resources, knowledge, or flexibility. Many home businesses fail because their owners lack the resources needed to sustain and/or increase growth. Home business owners need to know where to go for help with financial problems, failed marketing methods, and businesses strategies to unfamiliar or uncommon problems that come up along the way. If a home business owner is not adaptable to change, is unwilling to take different tactics, or simply doesnt know where to go for solutions, business can come to a stand still, stifle and ultimately flop.

Competition. Competitors can undersell or out perform any business. Failure of a home business can occur when the competition is not taken seriously or is ignored. Failure can also happen if a home business does not establish its uniqueness, or mimics goods and services offered by competitors.

Any type of business, at any time, has the potential for failure if certain key things are not accomplished, researched, considered, or anticipated. Failure of a home business can be due to one specific element, or a slue of things. And specifically due to the nature of most home businesses being small, the impact of failure on the ambitious entrepreneur can be exhaustive.
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