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What Is Blogging And Why Should I Do It?

May 12, 2008
Blogs have become amazingly popular over the last several years but what exactly is a blog? A simple definition of a blog is that it a website that is maintained usually by one person.

A blog is consistently updated with information such as commentaries, reviews of products or services or even photos or videos clips. The entries that are made in a blog are most commonly displayed in reverse order. The term blog can also be used as a verb. For example if you are blogging you are adding new content to your blog.

Most people that maintain a blog do so to have a platform to discuss personal issues. Although lately there are more and more savvy internet entrepreneurs that are taking advantage of all the benefits that a blog will give them in regards to promoting their business and generating traffic to their website.

Blogging is a fantastic way to drive lots of traffic to your blog. You will be especially successful in doing this if you update the content on your blog each and every day. At the very least you should be updating your blog with new content every other day.

Something important that you should remember when you are creating posts for your blog is keywords. Since the search engines are most likely to pick up on the first couple lines of a blog post you need to make sure that you are using niche related keywords in the titles of all your blog posts. This will help you be able to achieve a great ranking for your blog in the search engines.

Adding an opt-in form to your blog and offering your readers either a free newsletter or an ebook is an excellent way to be able to start list building. Developing a list of targeted consumers should be the goal of all online business people no matter what niche you happen to be targeting.

To be successful with your list building you need to make sure that you are creating quality informational posts. This way you are providing interesting content that will make your readers want to return to your blog and sign up for your newsletter or whatever else you happen to be giving away.

If your blog posts are no good then people are not going to be interested in subscribing to your email list because they are not going to see any value in the content that you are providing.

So to build a successful blog you need to keep your content updated at least every other day. You need to create useful and interesting content for your readers and be sure to include keywords in the titles of your blog posts. Follow this formula and you will be well on your way to having a successful blog in no time at all.
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