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The Truth About Paid Surveys

Aug 17, 2007
Paid surveys aren't a new concept and they have been around for a very long time. Companies have used paid surveys to conduct market research, product launch and other related research from consumers within their target market. These companies have happily reimbursed the participants with either free products or cash payments. With the growth in online paid survey sites it is little wonder that many people are curious as to whether you can actually make money online. The short answer to that is yes, but you need to be aware of a few things before you go jumping into any paid survey site that promises you riches from the comfort of your home.

As with anything that promises you quick riches your alarm bells should automatically present warning signs. While not all sites are out to rip you off, the temptation for unscrupulous operators who have only one interest and that is to part you from your hard earned money is why some sites have given the rest of the online survey industry a bad reputation.

Rest assured that not every site providing paid surveys are out to part you from your money. The most common ways for scam survey sites to rip people off is claiming to be a middle man. So instead of you registering with the actual survey provider you subscribe to a middleman site that has the information on how you can register to take part in surveys. While this service is great in the sense it saves you time trying to find these companies providing surveys many however charge a fee and not deliver on their claims.

Once you can get over the fact that there are scam sites out there and actually find the legitimate survey sites, you then need to be realistic about how much you can earn filling in surveys. This is not the time to quit you day job. Think of it as a supplementary income. You will find survey opportunities for you to take part in can be irregular in frequency. You may get many opportunities one month and scarcely any the next month. That's the nature of paid surveys. You need to also recognize the fact that although many sites happily claim to offer you high paying opportunities just to sit at your computer filling out forms, the reality is that many survey sites offer a minimal payment for your participation and you can take months before you earn a decent payment.

So before you go jumping in to just any paid survey site and part with you money do your research and be realistic about your income expectations. Just have fun.
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