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Writing Articles Makes Money And Increases Your Search Engine Rankings

May 12, 2008
As you consider Article Marketing benefits and view what is happening today, article marketing has become a very strong tool that needs to be in your arsenal. Article marketing has been around since time memorial but the flyer posted on the pole or in the local store can be considered the old form of article marketing. So as you take the flyer from under your windshield and you read it while waiting for your partner, consider the power of free advertising with Article marketing.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, article marketing is a type of advertising by writing short articles related to business' respective industry. Once written, the business makes these articles freely available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.

Each article contains a 'bio box' and 'by-line' which include references and contact information for the author's business. Well written content articles released for free distribution have the potential of gaining the author business credibility within his or her market, as well as new clients.

Enter the world of online article marketing, and you have seen an explosion of usage of this medium. Online article marketing has been able to help serve two masters. It serves the publishers with free content that allows the newspaper to stay on top of late breaking news and community events. For the writer it serves as it has in the past, as a form of free advertising and now in the online world it takes on a number of additional requirements to make it effective.

In offline world your ad is seen directly in front your eye if you cross the path of the ad, in the online world your ad is hosted on computer servers and the title is servived up wth a small two or three line description. Depending on how appealing it is , someone may or may not eyeball your article or article ad.

Since you do have a target customer, in the online world, you must use the tools that help you identify and target your perfect customer. This ensures you have a better chance of having your article eyeballed by your prospective customer.

The tools you use are referred to as addressing certain niches and the associated keywords for that particular niche. The keywords are what prospects uses to search the web. When you do this an author is able to target their audience with an informative message that directly affects the prospect and turns them into a customer.
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