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How To Use Podcasting To Build Your Business Online

May 12, 2008
Broadcast your business using podcasts! A podcast is a collection of digital media files that is distributed over the internet using syndication feeds for playback. The content is downloaded by users into multiple programs to be viewed on their home computer or portable media device. Youtube has set the precedent for this medium, with nearly 200 million hits per day. The podcast phenomenon has spread worldwide offering businesses the ability to broadcast any idea, and further opportunities to professionally record full segment commercials as marketing tools.

Podcasts can be used for a variety of business needs

* Educational broadcasts or tutorials
* New product releases
* Product demonstrations
* Seminars and training sessions
* Internal communications within a company or organization
* Interviews or news feeds
* Company brand introductions
* Commentaries
* A free deliverable for potential customers

Why are podcasts effective?

When podcasts are used to communicate internally within a company, they can be used as a training session for employees or to provide corporate updates. When they are used on a company website, they can be used to launch new products as a mini-commercial. Product demonstrations can be used to build customer relationships, as customer can opt for an RSS feed that would allow customers to receive information automatically, versus having to regularly visit the company website. Podcasts are often less expensive than traditional advertising, creating an even playing field for large and small companies to advertise online. They can be created professionally or with software tools on your home computer. The media can also be replayed by viewers and forwarded, creating viral marketing potential.

How do you implement?

Step 1: Create an audio file using audio recording software

Audio recording software allows users to record audio files and provides the user a format that is easy to use and easy to implement. Some software to consider would be: Mixcraft, Text Aloud and Replay Audio.

Step 2: Add the audio file to an RSS feed

Start with your RSS feed provider and enter a title for your podcast along with a description of the audio files. You will need to enter the URL that is associated with the feed (often your company home page) and enter the file that contains the audio content, the size of the file and the format. Once you have entered all of the required information, you need to save the FTP file to your server to prepare for its launch.

Step 3: Market your podcast

There are multiple sites that accept podcast submissions, including podcasting station, podcast alley, podcast.net and pocketcasting. Be sure to research each podcast site to determine whether your podcast will meet the submission requirements before submitting it. Your podcast should also be marketed on your website using an RSS feed tool and as a link within your e-zines, e-books or as a link within your article or blog postings.

Podcasting is an inexpensive marketing tool for your business and can be used across many business functions to increase business revenues. And it's an excellent way to reach a new audience and drive massive traffic to your websites.
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