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13 Marketing And Advertising Reasons Small Nonprofit Groups Should Use Paid And Unpaid Advertising

May 12, 2008
To make better use of your nonprofit's organization's resources; you need to put all your members on the same track to elicit maximum support from your community. You need to help your members understand why every meeting or event that occurs in front of the public is important. Simply put it is a chance to get the word out and build support for your organization's causes.

To help move the organization along here are 12 reasons to always make the most of each event.

1. Potential Exposure - your nonprofit organization gets your message out to your immediate area and to

those not specifically concerned with your message.

2. Newspaper Credibility - A widely read and well respected newspaper circulation is usually in the

thousands and sometimes hundred of thousands and gets you great pr in one example when say starting a


3. Guaranteed Inclusion - when you pay, you know exactly where and when the press release will be

released. This helps you increase the effects of your advertising campaign.

4. Competitive Advertising - If there is competition for your nonprofit mission or dollars you can be

highly visible at another organizations highest visibility time.

5. Branding - Allows your group to differentiate and clearly establish your own brand.

6. Membership Drive - Launch your membership campaign and gain additional members.

7. Newsletter Announcement - perfect timing to announce your nonprofits upcoming scheduled newsletter on a

wider scale.

Near Term Advertising Usage and Benefits

8. Special Target or Related Market Inserts - sometimes a magazine or newspaper has special inserts that

talk to your specific group's mission or a related market. This will help you reach your targeted market with

an affinity message.

9. Advertiser and In Kind services support demonstrate to your potential or existing advertisers, business

owners, vendor partners ad supporters that they should partner with your organization.

Long Term Usage and Benefits

10. Ongoing Local Exposure - Press releases stay on the local newspapers websites for a long time in most

cases and this means an additional how many eyeballs will read it and get your message.

11. Continued Regional Exposure -once a press release is on the newspaper web site, you get to use it to

market your organization from the prestige of the newspapers' name.

12. Extended National Exposure - Press releases found half way around the world get read by someone who

lived near your cause but has moved far away. They will still support your nonprofit mission from a far because

they care.

13. Your Nonprofit's Website - You get to capture a major article and use it on your website to promote

your nonprofit mission which gives your website more credibility with your targeted readers.

So can one press release and advertisement help your nonprofit mission? Can it support all that is listed for a

small fee per eyeball? The answer is an emphatic yes.
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