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Some Tips For Building An Ecommerce Site

May 12, 2008
Have you come up with some brilliant products to sell through online? This means that you need a good ecommerce site or online store to get customers to it. Do you have an idea of the cost and the procedure? Don't worry as this article will give you the necessary knowledge to create, build and promote your ecommerce solutions.

* Research- Before opting for anything, you should do a thorough online research based on your product and its demand. Its no point if you spend building unnecessary ecommerce store which later stands of no use. Try and enter keywords that you think the customers would use to find your website. This will help you estimate the number of customers you can expect every day. If you don't get any positive result then you should reconsider the product you intend to sell or do extensive research by matching your products with others.

* Detailed product information- Try and organize your product well in an excel sheet so that your web designer can add them easily to the ecommerce web site. Always create a detailed spreadsheet in columns like product categories, product options, product ID number, product description, product image, and product price and tax details.

* Easy Shopping Cart- Open PayPal account and integrate it with your ecommerce web site. With the help of PayPal you don't have to bother about payment gateway, shopping cart, merchant account as PayPal does all this automatically with a nominal charge.

* Domain Name Registration- Always try and choose a name that's easy to spell and pronounce. This helps a lot as customers remember simple names. Nowadays it's easy to register your domain name.

* Web Host Company- Before you select a web host company for your ecommerce site, you should understand some features about it like, web space, bandwidth, email accounts, site statistics, auto respondents, database, customer services and price etc.

* Ecommerce site- If you finally decide to build an ecommerce site yourself then you should decide on the number of pages you would want in your site. Then name the navigation links for the web pages according to the main products.

Always have a consistent theme and design. Graphic Designers James Froggart and Christopher Freville recommend to try and maintain a same header, image, logo, slogan, color, copyright and navigation. Homepage should always include a summary of the products and involve the customers into your site by providing more information. Add a contact form to increase your contact list and also include policies like refund, shipping facilities etc.

Building an ecommerce site is not a difficult task but do it methodically so that the customers get attracted to it. If you are unable to build your own ecommerce site then you can select any reputed development company who delivers value added service. The company's team will perfectly understand all your requirements and design the perfect ecommerce site for you as they understand the functions of the site and deliver the perfect item at reasonable budget. So go ahead and choose the right ecommerce solution to intellectually give a boost to your business growth.
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