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Your Easy No Effort Home Business Not

Aug 17, 2007
If our ideas of easy home business ideas mean thoughts that allow us to make money without lots of effort, discipline, dedication, mental sweat and physical this and that, then for us there are no easy home business ideas.

When we talk about easy home business ideas, the truth is that there are technically no home business ideas that are easy to break into. That is there are none that we can work into, where we the individual proprietors can enjoy and make profitable, without a lot of time and hard, smart work. Do you agree with that?

I am sure you have seen MLM people take close friends or relatives under their wings and do everything for them and make them into good money makers. You may have also seen others in affiliate marketing and other internet businesses carry virtually all the load for others to help them make big bucks.

You have also seen people, there are 50% on national average, who win 1 million dollars or more in lotteries and other contests who get rich quick and have to file for bankruptcy within less than 5 years. A small percentage of these even end up in prison. Some even commit suicide or end up addicted to drugs. Some big break in life this was. Phooey!

Do you get my very important point here, my friend? If we work for and develop something ourselves we will respect and value it more. We are less likely to end up on skid row, divorce court or bankruptcy court.

This affects our extremely close families in the same way. They need to grow into things with us to be able to understand them. Make them all, even your pets, an intricate part of your business in some way for all of you to be happy with it.

The part of these home business ideas that is doable or easy is the means for starting them. With these easy home business ideas you do not need a lot of capital or significant education or training. You just need determination, hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, to learn to work smart and organized and some savvy.

Home and office cleaning is one of these easy home business ideas. About the only money the start up business owner would need up front is cleaning equipment and supplies, as well as some advertising to get the word out that she or he is available.

Once they land the first job the first payment should keep the cleaning supplies purchased and the business is on a roll. Skills needed for an easy home cleaning business are those we all have. No matter what we do in life we have to clean. We all have homes, and we have all scrubbed tubs, vacuumed rugs and emptied trash.

While this may be one of the hardest of the easy home business ideas in that it takes a lot of manual labor, and, in the case of office cleaning, a lot of late night and weekend hours, it also pays off well if done right.

I would bet that in your next Sunday home newspaper you can find at least two ads claiming that the company will completely train you and even get accounts for you. A complete business. Most will even finance you to start. The trick here is to check the daylights out of their references. Once you know they are clean you are ready to go do it.

Most of us would rather work for ourselves for just a little more income rather than for immature jerk, stupid bosses that are hired by incompetent executives. The peace of self worthiness, being our own leader and boss, and our greater confidence in ourselves is well worth the price.

Give it a year or two of working the business, at this point, and then consider hiring one person at a time, get experience working with people and employees, training them and handling payroll and other details of employee handling.

At this point you can decide if you want to add more people or even just work the whole thing yourself or just have a very few people working for you.

A beginning home or office cleaning business can easily segue into other easy home business ideas as well, if you wish.

One can start a carpet cleaning business, offering it to the firms current clients and asking them to spread the word. The entrepreneur or staff can do house sitting, pet sitting and even landscaping.

Lawn care and landscaping are the ones that are going to require the most upfront expense.

But, if the entrepreneur waits until the home or office cleaning business has made a substantial profit then those same homeowners might be interested in landscaping or lawn care, might have friends and coworkers who are interested and it could be that the landscaping or lawn care business will start itself without additional advertising costs.

If diversifying is too much trouble and pain in the neck then just forget about it. Just do your cleaning business.

You do not want another job that is stressing the devil out of you and working you to death, right? Enjoy your cleaning business and then go visit your friends at your old job in your new peaceful spare time, and chit chat and heaven forbid, enjoy life.
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