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How To Get Rich In A Fast Changing World

May 12, 2008
Everyone wants to get rich. It means the ending of the bills and more luxury, but is it really like that? We live in times where changes happen so fast. How can you keep up, and ultimately get rich?

If we take a look at history and the major changes, we can see the time of Gutenberg and his printing press. In 1450 Johannes Gutenberg released made his printing press. Like wildfire the new invention took Europe by storm, and then the rest of the world. This printing press and the time is interesting to look at.

At this point, you maybe wondering why are we looking at the year 1450? Getting rich is about fundamentals. Understanding the fundamentals is a key issue to understand, and one we will take a look at in a moment, for now consider the time of the printing press.

Anyone could have got a printing press, and made money by printing the Bible at a price which was considerably cheaper than being produced by hand or other method used at that time. If you realized the opportunity, you could have made paper and sold it to the business men with printing presses. You could have made the ink and made a killing with that. You could have learned the skills and serviced the machines.

How does this apply today? Fundamentals are a big key to success. Understanding what works, means it will always work. But many people do not understand this, and it is ever more important in today's fast paced world.

The internet is a great invention made by many hands. Many people have developed the internet to what it is today, and are continuing to develop the internet every single day. It seemed like only yesterday that the venture capitalists pumped money into what became known as the .com crash. Now this was not bad, as without all that investment, it is likely the internet would be what it is today.

A lot of those so called 'winner' internet companies are not around today. Why is that? There may have been many people in Gutenberg's time that saw the opportunity and went for it. They got the printing press; they got the ink, and then realized they had no content!

Think about online. Who were the ones who started turning a profit before all the others? It was those direct marketers who sold information products. They came online and started doing what they were doing offline - marketing information products. These made the first money, and turned a profit, but again not all of them got rich.

Why did so many fail, and why do people fail today? Because it is the fundamentals again. eBay made using credit cards on the internet the norm, where before people were reluctant to spend online. eBay's owners made its billions, and many seeing the opportunity jumped in. Some have made millions; however, making money on eBay and becoming rich is not as easy as a few years ago. It is same as buying a printing press today, and hoping to make money. Yes, it is possible, but not as easy as a vacuum as in Gutenberg's time when everyone wanted the books and not everyone had a Bible.

The internet world is one which must be a major focus in this changing world. It is the way which is making big retail stores get concerned about there future. But the warning with eBay still holds. Today we see websites come up and suddenly become the next hot site. People jump in and make the millions, and when others hear about it, they try, and find that the millions of people came in, diluting the potential.

So, how do you find opportunity, without thinking that MySpace, eBay or some years ago Newsgroups was going to make you your fortune? It is understanding the fundamentals. Fundamentals work as they always have. And whether it is on paper, on your mobile phone or on your computer screen - some rules never change.

You can become rich in many areas. But before closing this article I would like you to consider a point about getting rich. Do you really want to get rich? Wouldn't you rather get wealthy? The difference is that when a rich person looses there money, they become poor. But, a wealthy person is wealthy, whether they have money or not.
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