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Autoresponders In House Vs Outsourced

May 12, 2008
Autoresponders specially sequential autoresponders are great tool to be used online. We can automate many tasks by using autoresponders, like thank you email sent to customer just after the purchase, another email sent containing product download information, and also using autoresponders we can upsell and Cross sell the buyers. Everything is done automatically, a complete hands free process, working 24 hours a day 365 days a year for your business as per your marketing strategy.

As you can see autoresponders are GREAT! but why we are discussing them here? What is very important in this regard, which I have learnt from my own experiences in internet business.

Well using many proven selling strategies along with autoresponders we can easily DOUBLE the profits if used correctly. But once i did a big mistake, and lost huge MONEY i.e. i had to waste a list of real buyers of my products just because i made one fatal mistake at the beginning of list building. That is I used in house autoresponder script installed on my OWN server to send autoresponder messages.

Result? I lost money every day! i.e. my messages were not actually being delivered to the prospects as my mail server and IP was blocked and tagged as SPAM by many ISPs and dedicated services. And I was not even aware of this fact until i have lost many profits. So problem was the delivery of messages to the list. If my messages were not reaching the prospects how i could make money.

Why this problem occurred and what is right solution for this kind of problem. Number one cause of this problem was that my site was hosted on a shared hosting server that is many other webmasters were hosting their sites on that server and sending emails to many many people using the same IP.

When just a one webmaster sends SPAM emails to internet users, the recipients of those messages simply has to click SPAM button in their inboxs. And dedicated services who are fighting against SPAM will just block and list that IP as Spammer! and next message sent from that IP will never reach the actual recipients!

So what is the solution to this problem? I am glad you asked this! Following is best solution known in Internet Business industry for list building, and autoresponders to deliver your business messages to your prospects in surefire way!

1. Use dedicated server with in house script just for sending emails for your website. Do not share this server or IP with any other website or webmaster. Never send SPAM to anyone. Just send the legitimate messages to actual prospects who have actually opt-in to your list and you have confirmed the leads by double opt-in to avoid any SPAM complaints.

But this can be very costly and time consuming task, to run your own dedicated server and to ensure that your IPs are not blacklisted by any major ISP. But if you are running a big organization and have to send bulk mail to a big list of subscribers and can afford the cost for this operation, go for it! Otherwise if you are a small business operation i suggest you go for 2nd solution which is listed below.

2. Second best solution, which is easy to start & manage and very cost effective with many other benefits, is to outsource the operation to any trusted dedicated service. There are many dedicated services online, proven to work, and very cost effective and easy to operate to manage your list and autoresponder sequence. As they are dedicated to ensure that your messages are actually delivered to intended prospectus, they have built relations with major ISPs to safeguard their IPs being blocked due to any reason.
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