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How To Use Your Blog

May 13, 2008
Everyone had a blog today, so you already know the competition is high. Here are a few tips you can do to dominate with your blog and keep people coming back for more.

For starters, you need to have your own blog hosted on your own domain. If you want to make an impact, you need to be able to tell everyone you at least care enough about your business to get your own domain and hosting. Anything else just signals laziness.

I would make it a point of visiting the blogs of people you respect, and would like to know, and start making some intelligent comments. Then, if you can get these guys to recognize you, and start answering your comments, then you may be on your way to developing a good blogosphere relationship.

Hopefully, they are active in the commenting of the blog, and will answer you back. This can now be the beginning of a blogging relationship.

One other way to use the blog is like I do: My own personal resource.

Anytime, you figure out the steps to do something, put them on your blog. This allows you to know the exact steps you took to do something. It has saved me a ton of time by not having to look for it again. And, I also know it has helped others, because when viewing my traffic reports, I can see the pages they are visiting.

Meet bloggers personally. There are plenty of blogging conventions every month, and this would be a good time to meet some of these guys. We know the blogosphere is based on relationships, so what better way to reach out to someone than in person. This will make it more likely you will get some publicity for your blog at a later date.

There are just a couple of the things you can do on how to use your blog and to get your blog more popular.
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