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The Value Of Family Friendly Search Portals

May 13, 2008
With what seems like millions of adult sites proliferating on the internet more people are seeing unintended results from their search terms.

There are many resources on the internet that you or your child may be searching for which would bring an unintended result. Maybe they want to find a forum where they can talk with other teens about school issues, or other personal issues that pertain to them. Perhaps your young daughter is interested in beautification tips and types in "teen beauty" and receives a very unintended result from that.

Many search portals display a websites thumbshot in the result which is immediately seen. Or they may display graphic content within the search result itself that they would see without even clicking on the link. But would they click on the link anyway out of curiosity? You never know.

There are ways that you may prevent this from happening. You could search and find programs which may be installed on your computer that would help to filter out some of the content and keep it from being displayed on your computer. Some of this software uses dynamic contextual analysis to filter web content. In other words, http://CNN.com might be blocked in the morning because of a very violent news story. However, an hour later, when the website content changes, the site will again be allowed. This software also has the option of a "warning" function as opposed to a "blocking" function. The user receives a warning of objectionable material, but then is permitted to proceed without interruption or restriction. Some of the software available will monitor internet activity only by recording screenshots and keystrokes that you can access later. The problem with that obviously is that you will not see the activity until after it has occurred.

Another tool to help prevent unintended search results is to bookmark a family friendly type of search portal or engine and instruct your children to use it for their searches.

These types of search portals have filters which will prevent certain types of search results and websites from being displayed. But be advised that there is no way to ensure with 100 percent accuracy that all adult content will be removed from image search results using filters." Nonetheless, you will have at least some peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything you can to prevent this from happening.

How do you find these sites? Search for "Family Friendly Search" or 'Kid Friendly Search". You should get many results and then just find a site or two that you like, bookmark it or save a shortcut to it on your desktop.

It is a fact that more and more children and young adults are using the internet search portals for school research, homework or maybe just to try and find something which will be useful to them. The use of the internet is increasing every day and it pays to be on the guard and protect your child from what they should not find in the course of their search.
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