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Guidelines To Business Card Lamination

May 13, 2008
Business marketing can be a tricky industry for those who are new to getting their name out on the market. But for those who are resourceful enough, opting for the lamination of business cards instead of going for conventional business cards can have several astounding benefits for businesses.

Lamination is a simple term to describe the coating of plastic that is placed around a business card after it is created. This barrier of plastic will keep the business card safe for viewing- despite being caught in the rain, mud, or even bent. This keeps investments in printed business cards safe, as the cards are less likely to need a replacement as quick. Thus, lamination can provide a high return on investment.

Businesses aren't the only ones who gain anything from laminated business cards. In fact, customers will commonly keep a hold of such business cards for a longer period of time due to their elasticity and durability. This gives more potential profits for businesses, yet also keeps customers happy as they have a continual source of contact information for the said business.

Standing out from the crowd has always given businesses a high return on investment. After all, if one's business is like all the others, customers might take their needs to a business that can offer more than the average service. Therefore, lamination can serve to "stand out from the crowd" in the sense that it gives off a shiny and sleek look- which can help draw attention and business as a result.

A small drawback to many laminated business cards is that writing on them is very difficult. Because of the plastic exterior, only certain types of markers will be able to leave a lasting mark on such business cards. This is poor for customers who wish to write notes on business cards for later. There are, however laminated business cards that have surfaces that are able to be written on- these, however, will cost extra for the business owners.

Laminated business cards overall will cost a bit more than normal business cards, depending on the options requested. A lamination in the cheapest form might only cost pennies more per card, but some of the more durable plastics an writeable surfaces that can be ordered can make a huge difference in the price. Thus, lamination is usually reserved for businesses who can afford to be flashy and obtain new customers through expert design and taking advantage of technology.

Closing Comments

Business marketing can be one of the toughest businesses around. After all, when you take the highest competing industries and let them duke it out for who has the better service and products, someone is bound to lose. To help stay in the fight, business owners should take advantage of marketing tactics such as business card lamination, which can give businesses the boost they need to propel to the top of their industry in question.
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