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Warranties For Less Reviewed

May 13, 2008
Success story or not? "When I was 1st exposed to network marketing it was selling soap". His 1st check was a few dollars. His 2nd month was almost $400 and his third month he broke $1,000. Very hard work for very little money based on his goals. Within 2 years he was generating over $10,000 per month as promised, but with a trial of failures that didn't duplicate his results.

Not much has changed today with the failure rate still over 97% in the MLM industry. And even just as shocking less than 1% earn over $1,000 per month. Many people are still struggling and looking for a solution to this broken industry.

On the brighter side of things there are some incredible success stories for the survivors. One company that has been around for a little while has created twelve million dollar earners. Which is about 1 out of 50,000 that joined and 1 out of 13,000 working the business actively.

IMAGINE, only 1 out of 100 who try will touch $1,000 a month or more and only 1 out of 1,000 who really try will touch $10,000 a month. 1 out of 10,000 who really try will touch $100,000 a month or more and that has been the case for the last 50 years in the MLM Industry. Until a company called Warranties For Less (WFL) came into existence.

How Does WFL Compare?

a)Where most companies are trying to sell a $25 to $50 a month product that pays out $20 in real commissions. WFL sells a $1795 product that pays out a $1,000 in commissions.

b)Most MLM companies want you to work extremely hard with loop holes on ever level to make a substantial income. On the other hand, with WFL you are qualified for all levels of commission after just one sale each year.

c)Many companies want you to spend money upfront to become a member and order product on autoship. Unlike, WFL there is no cost to join or monthly minimum sales requirements to earn a check.

d)Where most company marketing plans are designed for failure where as a new person has to do a lot to earn a little. WFL 's marketing plan was designed for people to do a little to earn a lot, at least a lot compared to most other MLM opportunities.

Compensation Plan Explained

WFL pays out over $500 per sale and that number increases as you continue to build your sales force. That $500 is 10 times what your typical MLM pays out per sale. WFL also has several other income streams that create incredible leverage and team synergy.
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Real Map Marketing has reviewed and tested hundreds of MLM's and only recommends the best. To find out more about WFL and join the fastest growing team for FREE click here: Official Real Map WFL Website.
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