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How To Purchase A Domain Name

May 13, 2008
Hyphens are permitted in domain names, but should you use them? Including a hyphen in a domain, means that users can make mistakes when typing it into the browser address bar, especially seeing that most users are use to domain names like happy birthday cards.co.za. Hyphens and numbers are a no-no.

Imagine telling someone your domain name and then reminding them to use a hyphen between this word and that word and, oh yea, don't spell the numbers. Hyphen symbols are also allowed, but cannot be included in the beginning or the end of the domain name.

Purchasing a domain is very easy and available at less than $10 a year, so it is a very inexpensive yet potentially valuable asset.

If you are considering purchasing a domain with a high PR that is not well indexed or doesn't have many backlinks, you've got to stop and think for a minute. Google has made it well known that it considers relevant backlinks, among many other criteria, in assessing PR. In child care, as in any profession, the quality of your Web site makes a lasting impression on parents searching for child care.

Domain Lookup already supports 20+ of the world's top registrars, with another 34 being added in April. No one sees your domain searches except the users and their chosen registrar, minimizing the risk of your doma .

Unfortunately, you've never done this kind of thing before and you've just created a nightmare that seems to have no end. I always thought that purchasing a domain is always difficult because to purchase one domain with available PR you need to search through thousands of them. Thinking of it makes me sweat!

Registering your own domain name means that you have the sole use of this internet address and your email address is your own. It is independent of the service provider that you choose to use which gives you the freedom to change providers without "changing your address". Register now to avoid getting stuck with "my-domain-name-is-a-loser.net ".

You don't have to have an active Web site or a Web design consultant or even a hosting provider to own a domain name. Registration for agloco is free and earnings will come from the number of people you introduce to download the viewbar, the number of hours your use the viewbar to browse and adverts clicked upon by users.

Remember to choose a domain name that is short, memorable, includes a keyword and that matches your websites name. If the preferred domain name already is taken you have to get creative. Remember that the idea is to create domain names that people can easily remember, and just as easily type into their browser. Remember always go for .com extension which is the best.

Prices for web hosting have plummetted in recent years, so it's generally a good idea to pay a small monthly fee for a hosting service. Prices can be 70% less than other domain name providers and you can have private registrations. Godaddy is very user friendly - 24/7 live customer service plus step-by-step guides and a huge Help Section,Knowledge Base with QA's to help you.
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