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How To Establish Trustworthiness As An eBay Seller

Aug 17, 2007
The World Wide Web is made up of anonymous channels. We do not get to see the voice or hear the voice of the people we deal with. More so, we will not be able to verify for certain the truth of their claims nor the credibility of their reputation.

This does have some negative effects for online businessmen. Consumer confidence is expected to be low, especially with people whom you would be transacting with for the first time. The challenge presented to many online entrepreneurs is how to build trust between them and their customers. How could they ensure their prospects that their words are sincere and their offers are real?

Here are some specific steps you could take to garner a great position to win your consumer's trust.

1. Verify your PayPal account. By verifying your PayPal account, you'd be attaching a real identity to the same. People will have more confidence in dealing with you, knowing that they'll be dealing with a real person, with a real name and a real address, and with real resources to back him up in possible ramifications concerning any transaction.

2. Encourage past customers to leave a feedback in your account. Your future customers will make it a point to check out your feedback score to see how credible and reputable a seller you are based on how you have dealt with other people in the past.

3. Sign up with the Better Business Bureau at www.bbbonline.com . The Better Business Bureau is a repository of positive feedbacks, negative complaints, and dispute resolution steps that businesses undertake in their dealings with their customers. By joining this service, you'd be making your business practices transparent for the entire world to see. People will have more faith in your business once they get the impression that you have nothing to hide.

4. Create a mother website under your own domain name. Be truthful in filling up the personal details that will be asked during your registration. Advertise this URL in your auctions. Some people will want to verify the authenticity of your identity by conducting a WhoIs check on the domain you have registered.

5. Provide your business details. Include your business' actual address as well as your contact number. This will encourage your customers to give you a call and make personal inquiries whenever they are having some reservations in trusting your enterprise.

6. Treat your prospects well. Some of your potential buyers will as a lot of questions. Do not, under any circumstances, ignore them. Answer their queries to the best of your abilities, and try to give in to their demands if possible. Some of your prospects, for example, especially those situated overseas, may ask you to declare their orders as gifts to avoid tariff impositions. If you're amenable with the idea, give your assent with a smile. This will help you build relationships with your customers, and will ensure for your business some repeat orders.

7. Make things convenient for your customers. Enumerate all the terms of your offer upfront. Include everything that the customer has to know about what he is planning to buy. By being transparent from the get go, you'd be able to better reassure your prospect about the sincerity of your offer and the veracity of your claims. Remember, to win consumer confidence, you have to be confident about what you have to offer, first and foremost.

72.6% of auctions fail to generate some bids because they fail to establish consumer confidence. Do not add to a sad statistic. Take the necessary steps to ensure that you'll have the full trust of your customers, and watch your sales rate soar.
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