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Earn a Passive Income, Using the Internet and MLM

May 13, 2008
If you are considering ways to supplement or replace your current job income, you are no doubt confused by the thousands of options available to you. Do you have a job in your company's payroll department? You could start your own payroll service. Maybe you are a sales representative for your company. So you're thinking about becoming a licensed real estate agent.

The problem with all of the above ideas is that the income produced relies 100% on your ability to continue doing the work. If you have a family emergency, and cannot give music lessons one week, you will not have that income. If you want to take a two-week vacation, you will lose the income normally generated for your services, during that period of time.

In Robert Kiyosaki's bestselling book, The Cashflow Quadrant, we learn that employees and self-employed people are limited by the amount of time they can work. Since nobody can work 24 hours a day, there is an inherent limit on income potential.

Business owners and investors, those residing on the right side of Kiyosaki's cash quadrant, have moved beyond the exchange of personal time for money. These successful business people have created and implemented systems. These systems leverage the abilities, talents and time of others.

These systems create passive income for the business owner or investor, even if they are not physically at the business location. In fact, good systems can create income 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with little or no interaction from the owner.

Instead of having to work for money, wealthy individuals have learned that they must require money to work for them. Residential and commercial real etate investments are known to be a great way to leverage money, time and other people. However, most real estate investors will be faced with a need for large amounts of cash, as well as substantial credit lines.

What if you don't have the cash and credit lines required for large scale real estate investing? You can create substantial passive income by building a network marketing home based business.

If you have tried and failed with network marketing previously, take heart. It is no longer a necessity to chase down friends and family to join your business. The Internet is now changing how these types of businesses are built. In my opinion, Success University is a solid choice. This MLM company is a global, Internet-based opportunity.

Success University, an mlm premised on the power of personal development, is accessible to virtually anyone. Even without previous Internet marketing experience, you can begin creating extra income for yourself, on less than $2 a day. Success University, by definition, will train you to succeed. And in training others to succeed, your income will grow.
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Cathy Yeatts in a home based business owner and Success University team leader . Learn to finally succeed with network marketing, and receive free Internet network marketing training, as a member of Cathy's team.
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