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How MLM Home Based Business Companies Steal From You

May 13, 2008
Have you ever taken the time to closely examined your mlm work from home opportunity pay plan?

MLM home based business compensation plans have always been the work of smoke and mirrors. Have you ever seen compensation plans with the terms "weak leg", "strong leg", "leg balancing", "group purchase volume" or "flushing volume"?

These are just a few of the terms that are commonly used by many mlm home based business companies to hide the fact that there is a large amount of commission money that will not be paid to the part-timer, the "little guy". This is the language of the confusing pay plan, where money is withheld from the part-time networker and paid to the "heavy hitters" or to the mlm work from home opportunity company.

When the compensation plan is presented, the company will point out that they pay on a certain number of levels. The question is, are you actually getting paid on all of those levels? What does it take to qualify to earn commissions?

In many cases, you'll need a certain amount of "Group Purchase Volume". Often times the amount needed to qualify is only achieved by only a few people. These people are usually the big hitters.

MLM work from home opportunity companies and the big hitters are well aware that very few part-time network marketers will ever achieve these goals.

Does your company's compensation plan depend on you sponsoring a high number of people who must also sponsor a high number of people and achieve a certain amount of "Group Purchase Volume" themselves before you qualify to earn commissions?

Again, the mlm work from home opportunity companies and the big hitters are aware that most part-time network marketers will never reach these goals.

Many binary plans require some sort of "leg balancing" and if your legs or income lines are not balanced, you do not earn commissions regardless of the amount of purchase volume.

Most part-timers struggle with these hard to achieve requirements until they finally realize they will never meet or exceed their goals. This where they realize that their dream of financial freedom is still out of reach. This is when they give up.

Eventually, even the full-timers begin to struggle. They realize that 90% of their downline are part-timers. As their downline members begin to drop out, it becomes harder for them to maintain the qualification requirements. Ultimately, this leads to the unavoidable conclusion, and the frustrated full-time network marketers eventually just give up and quit too.

The fact of the matter is, mlm home based business companies with group purchase volume requirements and complicated compensation plans are not fair to the part-time network marketer and they produce a very high number of dropouts.
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