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Ebook Writing Made Simple

May 13, 2008
The hardest sentence of an ebook to write is the first one. When you think of the enormity of the task at hand, it may seem insurmountable.

Breaking it down into subtasks makes it easier to contemplate. Ponder mountain climbing, for instance. From the base of the mountain, you cannot see the peak because clouds hide it. That mountain looks too dangerous to climb; how will you do it? You scale that mountain in the only way possible. One step at a time.

Now consider writing your ebook in the same manner. It takes many subtasks to find yourself at the mountain peak, able to see above the clouds. First, you will want to get organized. In this case, you are organizing your ideas instead of mountain climbing apparatus. Before you start, there are some steps you should take. You may be ready to write your ebook once you finish going through the following list.

How to Start Writing Your ebook -

Start by figuring out what your title will be. If you write down your list of titles, sooner or later, one will strike you as the right choice. Titles can help you anticipate the questions your readers will ask, and thus help you answer them more effectively. Often, non-fiction books will have subtitles. Clear and clever titles will help you sell books. But don't be too cute with your titles. One example might be: Twenty Ways to Count More Sheep: How to Prevent Insomnia. Another example would be: Get up and into shape in fifteen different ways.

After that, create a thesis statement. The thesis of your book should clearly state the book's main point, what problem the book will tackle and what solution it will offer.

The rest of your ebook will flow directly from this thesis statement. The thesis statement is the foundation upon which your book can be built. You can then build successive chapters on that foundation.

Your main focus while you work on you ebook will be your thesis. Remember, all the chapters must support your thesis statement. If you can't support your thesis, don't include the chapter in your book. One thesis statement might be: Everyone has suffered from insomnia, and here are 20 ways to keep it from bothering you. When you've settled on a thesis, be sure that it is good enough to sustain your book before you begin to write it.

Questions you should answer include "Does this book provide readers with relevant information on a topic they care about?" Will your book positively enhance your readers' lives? Will your book contain enough interesting material to keep readers involved? Is the problem that your book addresses important? You will feel comfortable about the potential of your ebook if you can answer these questions.

Also, it is important is to determine who your target audience is. These are the people you are writing for, and their interests will guide your book's vocabulary, tone, style, and length to some extent. Think about the specifics of your target audience; age, sex, interests, class, etc. Do they fall into the category of people who enjoy reading fashion magazines or those who enjoy book reviews? Are they online for hours each day, or do they write longhand letters? It will be easier to write your book after you pin down the target audience you are writing for.

Write down a list of reasons motivating you to write this ebook. Do you intend to promote an online company? Would you like your website to receive quality traffic?

Would you like your reputation enhanced? Cement your publishing goals by putting them down on paper. You need to decide if you want to offer it as a reward for ordering or for filling out a survey, or if you want to offer it for sale on your website. Are you planning on using these chapters to make an e-course or an ebook? The actual writing will be easier if you know more upfront.

You need to choose the formatting for your chapters. Keep chapter-to-chapter formatting consistent when writing non-fiction. Maybe you will use an introduction and then four sub-topics. You might decide to divide it into parts, and start each one with a relevant story.

How to Make the Ebook Desirable to Read -

Work on writing to keep the reader's attention to make your ebook appealing. Graphs, advice, tips, photos, and small stories will keep readers interested. Sidebars offer a change from the density of plain text and organize your information so that your readers can quickly absorb it. Then accomplish this by using utilizing a tone that is casual rather than formal.

Readers appreciate it if they think the author is trying to have a conversation with them. To avoid putting your readers to sleep, break up the structure and length of your sentences. If all of your sentences are the same length and have the same structure, your readers will be bored. To write well, you need practice. It requires much practice.

Try to work your schedule so you write at least a page daily. Write down tips as you read books and magazines that discuss the process of writing. Writing takes a lifetime to learn; each book you read or write will make you a better writer.

Your sales figures will increase as your writing becomes better. Readers' eyes need breaks when they are reading ebooks on a computer screen. Using white space will allow you to do this.

Readers' eyes need to rest on cool white, or negative, space every so often. If you use too much information, your reader will become bored pretty fast. Use numbered and bulleted lists in your writing. Lists make information easier to absorb and are easier to read than crowded paragraphs.

Lastly, choose a design that's easy-to-read. Use an easily read font consistently. If you use tons of different fonts, your ebook will be hard to read and your readers will quickly tire of it. Use a font size that is big enough so that text is easy to read on the computer screen, but not so large that the whole page is not visible on the screen, and have at least one and a half lines of space between lines of text. To determine the correct combination, you will need to experiment.

Obviously, you should run a spell and grammar check on your work. Don't allow your book to be ruined by the misuse or overuse of punctuation. Finish the book with a bibliography and a subject index.

That's the end! The book is complete! Publish that ebook online, and you will soon have people anxious to download it.
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