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Adobe Dreamweaver Allows Anyone To Become A Web Developer

May 13, 2008
Adobe Dreamweaver has quickly established itself as the leading website creation software available on the market today. There are many organisations as well as individuals that long to have their own website but cannot afford the services of a professional web design company. With Adobe Dreamweaver, nearly anyone can successfully build a web presence. Adobe Dreamweaver is relatively simple to use, pays attention to current web standards, and allows even the less experienced web builder to put together a good looking, functional website.

Just as the use of a graphical interface has changed computing, making it more user-friendly, the use of Adobe Dreamweaver renders people with limited understanding of web construction capable of putting together a quality site. It is also an excellent platform for learning how web sites should be put together. For example, when you create a new page, Dreamweaver lets you choose from a series of standard layouts based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), the recommended specification for creating web pages. The code produced by Dreamweaver contains useful comments explaining how the page layout works.

Many smaller companies have already learned to rely on Adobe Dreamweaver to build and manage their own websites, creating and altering pages and then uploading them using Dreamweaver's built-in FTP utility to make them live and available to their audience. Those organisations with a more pressing need to establish a web presence can still turn to a professional web development companies to get them started and then, using Adobe Dreamweaver, make changes and updates to their own pages for themselves, often saving a small fortune.

Another way that companies can save a few bucks is by commissioning web designers to create Dreamweaver templates and then using these templates in-house to build the website themselves. This also has the benefit of allowing organizations to maintain control of their site from the outset.

Although Dreamweaver is easy to use, it is unrealistic to expect that the average user can simple load it onto their machine and start to use it. Most users will need some Dreamweaver training. This will allow them to learn the essential aspects of the program and the key steps involved in creating a basic site. A good Dreamweaver training course will also give users an idea of the technologies underlying web pages and the code which Dreamweaver magically generates as the users visually create their web pages.

One of the most effective ways to make a site useful for visitors is making it interactive, allowing visitors to search for the specific content that they want. After attending an advanced Dreamweaver training course, staff within an organization can learn how to add interactive content to their website using technologies such as ASP, PHP or ColdFusion. And, here again, Dreamweaver does most of the work for you, allowing users to create sophisticated search and results pages using the same comfortable techniques used to create basic content.
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