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May 13, 2008
In order to get paid for surveys, you need to find the right companies who purchase the surveys. In addition, you will want to determine whether the companies pay in a way that you can use readily.

Market Research

Companies that do market research throughout the United States and the rest of the world need information about the people in various areas and their buying habits. You can get paid for surveys done by market research companies, no matter where you live or what your lifestyle is. Market research companies make use of paid surveys in order to check the type of marketplace that can be found in various locations so that the information can be used to structure the release of products. This prevents the release of a product in an area that has no need or desire for the particular product.

Ad Campaigns

Another way to get paid for surveys is for companies who need to determine how well a particular ad campaign for their product is working. In fact, the companies may try several different ad or promotional methods in various areas in order to determine which gives the best results in sales of their product. What works well in one area may not have the desired results in other parts of the world. With media advertising space becoming more and more expensive, most companies want to make sure the advertising for their products reaches the right customers with a minimum of advertising expense.

Demographics information

Companies who simply gather and publish demographics information can find surveys a useful tool. Because those who get paid for surveys can be tracked very specifically by geographical area, by marital status and by age among other characteristics, a very complete picture of a location can be developed over time. Since the information is voluntarily given in return for payment, there is no question of privacy rights being violated. The companies who need a certain segment of the population to survey only need to sort on that particular characteristic and offer cash for the survey response that is required.

Research papers

There are literally thousands of research papers created, compiled, tabulated and presented in colleges, universities, laboratory facilities and research institutes across the country and around the world. Those who get paid for surveys can receive assignments of questionnaires that help to gather the necessary information for the papers. Term papers, masters' theses, and doctoral dissertations are all part of the educational system in the United States and the rest of the world. The subjects covered can be anything from medical to religious attitudes and can be selective for age, gender or socio-economic status.


You can get paid for surveys by companies that are using the survey questions to publicize their products. Sometimes payment will include coupons or sample size containers or bottles of the new product that is being placed on the marketplace in your area. By getting your responses to questions about your experiences with the specific product, you are providing information about how well the product is selling in your area, but you are also receiving input from the company about the product that will give additional likelihood of you purchasing the product in the future.
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