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The Right Way to Distribute Your Resume

May 13, 2008
When you are out seeking a job, the results you get depend not only on your skills and capabilities, but on your manner of presentation of these skills and capabilities as well.

In order to do this, you have to first focus on writing your resume properly or improving on the current state of your resume. Sometimes if you are unable to know where your resume is lacking in terms of content, it pays to have a professional write it for you instead.

As soon as your resume has been written properly the next step which you need to be concerned about is effective distribution. Various services exist and they include both paid resume distribution services and free resume distribution services. The results you get from these services also vary; some of these services produce very fast results, while others take a relatively long time to provide the right results.
In order to discover the best method of distributing your resume, you should consider the various possible methods which you can do it and then analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of each method.

The first method to be considered is the manual method. It is less common nowadays due to the fact that it is easier to use the Internet to distribute your resume, but certain people find it beneficial to distribute their resumes by manually responding to classifieds which they feel match their job descriptions. The beauty of this method is that it gives a person the power to choose which job they would like to apply for, and that responses can be personalized to match a particular employers expectations. The bad thing about this method is that it takes a lot of time, especially when you want to apply for various jobs.

Other than the manual method, you can patronize the services of recruiters who are usually paid to fill certain positions within particular companies. A lot of recruiters tend to match job descriptions to people who fit the sort of careers specified by these job descriptions. They are advantageous because they can find new job openings before you do, and they can make for your quest for a job more efficient and stress-free. Unfortunately for some people, they have to send their resumes to a lot of such recruiters before they actually get jobs and use of recruiters may be time-consuming in some cases.

The last popular method, and the easiest one, is to post your resume on the Internet. A lot of web sites exist which perform in this capacity and let you host your resume online according to the industry in which you work. The great thing about using such online services is that most of them are free, and this tends to encourage employers to give you a lot of job offers. The bad thing about such sites is that they tend to be flooded with a whole lot of job seekers like you, and the success rate is less than what you get elsewhere.
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