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Creating Your Own Online Tutoring Service

May 14, 2008
In today's unstable economy many people have cut down their travel and overall expenses through the use of online instant messaging, email, social networking sites, forums, video conferencing, etc. Why not take advantage of these new trends and apply them to work at home with an online tutoring business?

Tutoring is not a new concept but the ability to do it online is a trend that is quickly gaining momentum. A growing number of students are online these days and are turning to the internet as an effective learning tool. Whether it is continued education, or just test and exam prep, there is a market for every subject and grade level. If you enjoy teaching and have a flexible schedule then an online work-at-home tutoring business may be perfect for you.

Many parents seek out online tutoring because it is generally cheaper, more convenient and more private. It also gives parents a chance to learn along side their child. With increasing amounts of homework and constant changes to the curriculum many parents feel just as intimidated as the students. They seek to find a solution that can help them both benefit from some help outside of school.

For parents, the increasing pressure of driving kids from one program to the next, making dinner, doing laundry, making lunches, and preparing for the week ahead leaves little time to give their kids the extra help they need. Online tutoring gives parents greater choice in picking a tutor as well. Instead of having to choose from the tutors that are available within their own area, they can have a pick of many different tutors with many different skills. Parents can gather information and compare the quality, experience and value that will be gained from a variety of online tutors.

Today's students are more involved in extra-curricular activities, such as sports teams, music lessons, and homework. Their time is limited and over-stimulation can cause problems with concentration. Tired kids don't want to be dragged to a stranger's house for help with their homework. Online anonymity creates a great atmosphere where students don't have to worry about peer approval. They will be more motivated because they won't feel vulnerable about their deficiencies.

As a tutor, you could utilize voice over internet and instant messaging systems to answer questions and guide students through your step-by-step learning procedures. If you have experience with Microsoft office applications you could create visually stimulating presentations to engage the students and make learning more fun for them. You can create your own customized learning programs and schedules.

Tutoring in your area may require certification, or accreditation with a particular regulating body. Make sure that you check the regional standards. It may be worthwhile to complete tutoring programs that they offer, as some institutions will advertise for accredited tutors that have gained certification through their association. It's a great source of reliable advertising for your new business.

As tutoring rates vary depending on the subject and the intensity. Be sure that you properly evaluate a pay rate that is affordable for both yourself and the parents. Parents are looking for an affordable and convenient alternative so don't expect to draw more customers by charging the same rates as an offline tutor.

With the ability to offer innovative ideas, concepts and learning strategies to students all over the globe, you'll never run out of interesting and rewarding online work at home.
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