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Tips On How to Become a Network Marketing Accelerated Learner

May 14, 2008
The key to learning is to find out which practices in each area works for you and to utilize them all, because the goal is multi-sensory learning. This is so important because you actually have a different memory storage area for what you see, hear, and do! Having the same information in different areas of your brain creates massive connections in your brain, and connects many neurons and dendrites in your mind that have never previously been connected.

Before starting a new book, going to a seminar, or any training event, engage your brain and get ready for learning.

Here are some helpful tips...

Ask and write down what the goal is for the task at hand.

Ask and write down what you want to learn from this class.

Write down some things you already know about the subject.

If there are materials you can look at before the class, or if it is a book, read the back of the book, read the chapter headings, this gets your mind ready for the information to come.

It allows your brain to learn with purpose, your questions will be answered, and you will have created multiple new connections in your brain.

Did you know that Albert Einstein could not speak until he was 4, and he did not walk until he was 7! Many specialists believed that he could never be properly educated. His brain is now in a jar in Kansas City. His brain is no larger than the average size, but scientists have discovered one magnificent difference. There are vastly richer connections between his brain cells and the average person. This is what happens for accelerated learners.

It is possible for anyone to grow these rich connections between their brain cells. It is possible for you to become a genius. As you begin studying and learning about what you think is interesting, the process becomes more entertaining, and changes start happening quicker and quicker.

Here are 10 final tips for you to become an accelerated learner:

1. Ask a lot of questions, the more questions you ask with correct answers, the smarter you will become.

2. Create a learning map or diagram about what you are learning. Use different colors, use highlighters, draw stick figures, and use bubbles with keywords that are nouns.

3. When reading browse the book and its titles primarily, then always use a highlighter and highlight what new information you do not know, and write questions in the margins for you to answer at a later time.

4. Read out loud to yourself dramatically, in a funny accent, or in a whisper.

5. After finishing a chapter or a page, summarize to yourself what you just read.

6. After finishing a chapter or a page, visualize it.

7. Walk around while listening

8. Take regular short brakes roughly every 30 minutes

9. Write down key ideas on post-it notes or note cards, then re arrange them in a different order that may make more sense to you.

10. Make notes versus take notes, try to paraphrase what you learn about, and do not just copy it. This utilizes more brain cells and creates stronger connections.

Tips are of no use to you unless to put them into action. These tips are best put into action with a learning partner, if someone is not available to you you can become an accelerated learner solo. Whenever possible, share these ideas and your own ideas in regards to accelerated learning with your team. Help each other unlock your true abilities, because I know that you can become a genius network marketer.
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Infinite Synergy Learning Systems

The Infinite Synergy team developed MLM The Game, and has been involved helping home-business entrepreneurs build strong relationships and succeed faster through playing this game since 2003'. Please visit this network marketing training website at www.mlmthegame.com for details.
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