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CD & DVD Duplication Explained

May 14, 2008
When producing CD or DVD media, the choice of duplicating or replicating them is often confused. Duplication and replication are totally different processes and should be used accordingly for the type of target market your producing the discs for.

Duplication uses a completely different method from replication for producing the final disc. It uses premade blank discs to burn your data using a CD or DVD burner. Many people have a CD or DVD burner on their PC and use it for making copies of data files, movies, etc..

Burning to a blank disc is accomplished by using a laser to bounce light of the dye in the disc moving outward as the disc spins. Spin rate or "Burn" speed of the disc is determined by the rating of the burner and the blank disc. Not all burners or discs burn at the same speeds.

DVD burners are dual purpose and can burn both CD and DVD media. You will see the term CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW and various others. The R in the terms stands for recordable and if there is no W present, then that means the discs can only be burned once. If there is a W present, it stands for Writable and can actually be burned to numerous times even overwriting what is present on the disc if needed. The draw back to re-writable discs is that many times if won't play on any other player other than the one that created it where as a one time recordable disc will usually play on any player.

Mediatechnics is an industry leader in manufacturing the equipment used to mass duplicate CD or DVD media. They have the capability to duplicate any number of CD or DVD discs in as short as 24 hours. If you need a quick turn or simple DVD Duplication service, be sure to give them a chance to quote it before you get it done elsewhere.
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