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Learn How Article Marketing Can Make You Money

May 14, 2008
Most authors write articles with a specified purpose in mind. They were probably hired by someone for content generation, or need to write articles for their blog or website. A few individuals simply write for fun or to stockpile articles for the future. Every time someone writes an article, it is an investment of time to make content, content which will be used to hopefully return a profit.

Marketing yourself as an article writer can be quite lucrative if you charge a fair price and can write exceptionally well. Depending on your skill level, it is acceptable to charge as high as four or five cents a word. Most freelance or amateur article writers start out asking lower prices, and as they become more established, feel confident enough to charge more. Due to the perpetual high demand for content, it is easy to find work.

Message boards and forums are an ideal place to locate article seekers. Certain websites, such as Scriptlance, allow job hunters to find projects that fit their skills. If you are a good writer and are willing to dedicate your time to writing high quality articles, being a professional content creator is a great option.

The only catch with selling content to other people is that you do not get a lasting stream of income from your articles. Once you have sold the article, you can no longer make money from it. However, if you have your own website or blog, you can upload all of your content to that and reap the everlasting benefits. Over time, a website or blog will gradually get more and more traffic, and if you properly monetize the website, that traffic converts into pure profit. The more articles you add, the more traffic you will get (continuously adding articles is an excellent way to optimize your website for search engines, which are a prime source of traffic).

Sometimes websites or blogs do not make it, which leaves you with a load of articles just sitting around. There are ways to make money with articles without selling them to an individual or putting them on your website. Certain companies pay you to submit your articles to them! This option is an optimal choice because you get initial payments plus a salary of sorts.

Not knowing what to do with your content is no excuse not to write it. If you are unsure about how to best monetize your articles, do not concern yourself with it. Stockpiling articles allows you to wait for the best opportunity to come along. For example, you may be torn between selling your articles or using them on a personal blog. By holding onto your articles, you can wait and see if an adequate bidder or website opportunity comes along. During this waiting period, you can accrue more and more articles; liquid assets that can be easily turned into capital.

By combining earning methods, it is possible to earn twice as much or more from a single article. If you post content to your website, you can also submit it to a company as well for upfront cash. The only downside to this is that having your articles in multiple places devalues them, but despite this, making use of multiple options is often more profitable than not.
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