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How Much To Budget : Marketing Sales Leads Vs. Data Base Campaigns

May 14, 2008
So, what is the correct amount to spend on an image enhancement, awareness campaign, and a sales lead generation program, and what is the correct amount to spend on a data base marketing strategic campaign? This is a good question. Both aspects are important to a successful marketing program, and they work even better in tandem.

Usually, most business to business marketers appear to spend about ninety or ninety-five percent of their marketing budgets on image enhancement, awareness campaigns, and sales lead generation programs. These same marketers will spend only about five to ten percent of their marketing budgets on data base marketing. This is a bad approach which will not lead to maximum success.

Instead, if you are just getting into data base marketing, consider spending about seventy to seventy-five percent of the entire marketing budget on image awareness and programs which enhance sales lead generation. Then, spend about fifteen to twenty percent of your budget to fund data base marketing programs that are designed to help nurture hot prospects until they reach maturity and and ready to make a purchase. You should spend the remaining five to ten percent in programs which target your existing customers, to keep them and increase your sales relationships with them by offering other products, services, add ons, and upgrades.

Business which currently employ mature data base marketing programs often end up with a strategy that budgets less than fifty percent of their funding toward image enhancement, awareness campaigns, and sales lead generation programs. This is particularly true of those companies which have been successfully able to track and measure these events, and the increase in sales that have resulted from implementing marketing programs aimed at the people in their current data bases.

Why is this the case? The primary reason is that these businesses are realizing that they don't actually need to spend quite so much on the former objectives when they are also implementing a solid data base marketing program which allows them to speak directly to a variety of subsets within their overall market. These mature data base marketers designate the other fifty percent or more of the budget in order to fund marketing communications programs that are aimed directly at their data bases of prospects, customers, and solid leads. These targeted, repetitive, and well orchestrated campaigns are in fact designed to identify and develop the hot prospects and communicate directly with their current customers to maximize the sales opportunities which exist for a business.

It is wise to consider that even though the above is true, it must be understood that image enhancement, awareness campaigns, and sales lead generation programs all have a strong role within a top marketing department; but those sales lead generation programs that perform at their best along a strong and consistent data base marketing program are event better. Both of these aspects are quite important in order to have a top performance direct marketing solution, and striking the best balance between them is the goal of the savvy and effective marketer.
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