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5 Tips On How To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

May 14, 2008
Increasing your landing page conversion rates is very important. However, before we can talk about how to improve your landing page conversion, you have to know what a landing page is and how it can help to increase your sales. The landing page is the page that people land on after clicking on one of your ads.

It's very important once they get to this page that they like what they see. Most of the time you can either grab them in the first few seconds or lose them. Your landing page is by far the back bone of your whole Internet marketing plan. Without a good landing page, you are going to be doomed to fail from the start. No matter how good your ad is or your product is, not having a good landing page is going to kill your business and customers. Now that you know what it is, we are going to talk about five ways that you can improve your landing page conversion.

First of all, whenever you place an ad, you want the ad to be linked to your landing page. The first thing that you are going to want on your landing page is to have it look very appealing to the eye! When they see your page, you want them to be hooked and not ever want to leave from there. The next thing that you are going to want is to get rid of a lot of the text. Sure you are going to want some, but you have to remember that most people just skip through a wall of text.

Ensure you have included a call to action towards the top of the page. There should be calls to action sprinkled throughout the remainder of your landing page content as different people have different tipping points in the sales process. Your sentences should be brief or dot-points.

So too much text just turns people off. Next, you are going to want to make sure that you have color and pictures, but you do not want too much. You want to make sure that you get a good vibe from your site, but at the same time, too much color or too many pictures will just scare them away. After that, you are going to want to make sure you only have one link on your page, and that is going to be the link to get into your main site.

You do not want people straying off on your home page to different places. Last, but not least, if you have any success stories that people have sent you, you may want to place them on your front landing page. People like to hear that the product they are about to use is being praised.

Having a great landing page is very important to the success of your online business. If you want everything to run smoothly and capture the sales you are going to want to make sure your landing page is a good one.

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