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Few Steps To Achieve Logistics Benchmarking

May 14, 2008
The act of organizing one's company and putting and making it stand out among its competitors is called logistics benchmarking. This can only be done through lots of hard work in terms if analysis and right forecasting. There are several issues besetting the business world because logistics have become costly and the failure of other companies had severely impaired and impacted the other organizations that depend on them. From a high-level point of view, there are some simple things that a company must do to achieve logistics benchmarking. However, the nitty gritty of the process involves complex mathematical analysis that needs sources and there are surely associated costs.

The first thing that any company must do is to evaluate itself. One should ask how well the organization is doing in terms of its own goals and how it is placed among its competitors. Surely, one company may be profitable and yet there may be untapped potentials about there that it fails to see. Taking a closer look at where the company is now will help its executive officers visualize how the company itself is being perceived by its consumers.

Second, every organization should be able to profile its competitors. There should be a clear picture of what the competitors are doing to be of greater value. This means one should identify the competitors' key areas of strength. Not only that, it should also be clear what these competitors' weaknesses are, so the organization knows what to attack or what reinforcement should be done.

Third, an organization should be able to visualize what is in store for the future. In relation to this, an organization should also know what others are doing to keep abreast with the future of the industry. If one knows what the competitors are cooking, one will have an idea how these actions will impact the existence of the organization and therefore, action pans will be formulated to solve issues that have not yet even occurred.

To do all these, manufacturers--and any organization for that matter, should analyze the efficiency of its processes. Are service levels met? What is the duration of the order cycle? Is there a clear measurement of customer satisfaction? Are resources being utilized to its full capacity? These are only few of the many questions that one may ask in analyzing where and how the company stands.

To address this from a consumer standpoint, one should ensure that the service or product is always available. This increases dependability from the eyes of the consumers, and at the same time, promotes branding. Once a product is always there, people will begin to realize that it exists without the necessity of commercials and advertisements.

Number two, effective communication should be in place. One of the main reasons of failure between the organization and its resources is the lack of communication. There has to be a clear cut line of communication, so failure to deliver will be addressed immediately.

And lastly, the order and the delivery cycle should be made flexible to address the dynamic needs of end consumers. This does not only apply to tangible products, but also to services. Services should be delivered real time to make the impression of stability and dependability.

All these are the essentials that one needs to know to ensure that the company meets its goals and to guarantee that logistics benchmarking is achieved.
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