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Link Popularity And The Strategy Session

May 14, 2008
What would you say if I told you that having a thousand backlinks to your site may not be enough to land your business site in the first page of your predominant keyword or search phrase?

Don't get me wrong it may be close, but the point I want to make is backlinks to your site can do an effective job at boosting your site rankings, yet many business owners believe if they have a couple of hundred backlinks they may be on target for positive linking strategies.

The terrible, awful and almost always missed argument is that if 200 is good than a thousand is much better. You can properly assume that those sites that are listed in the top of your favorite business search term have maximized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies AND they have also worked diligently to enhance backlinks to their site.

These links can be in articles found through free-to-use directories, they can be found in blogs, forum posts and through link exchanges.

Let's take these strategies one at a time...

Free-to-use article directories. These information sources allow you to write content that other sites can use at no cost. When an individual or business elects to use your article they must also put a bio line on their website that includes information you provide. This should provide a link to your primary website(s). In many cases you are allowed three direct links. When those articles are placed on websites and redistributed they take the backlink with them. Many business owners are finding this to be an effective way to improve backlink strategies.

Blogs. If you have a business blog you can routinely place a link to your primary business site(s) that can alert search engines to another backlink. If you update your blog daily you will have a new backlink to add to your growing list.

Forums. In many cases forums will allow you to place a backlink in your signature line. Every time you post a comment your link appears and becomes part of the sum total of backlinks search engines will look at to determine your ranking.

It is possible you have read about the idea of backlinks and thought that if you had a few dozen you were on the right track. Truthfully a few dozen is simply scratching the surface of what needs to happen for the most promising growth potential in site rankings.

I honestly don't think business owners consider this a primary objective. It's sort of a 'take it or leave it' plan where if it's not your cup of tea then you're not drinking.

Moving into a place where some of these objectives make sense is one of the best ways to improve an already successful site. I mean that sincerely. If your site is already doing great then it may be time to improve your linking strategies. Your investment in this process can go a long way in improving your chances of taking your online business to the next level.
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