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Increase Myspace MP3 Plays Service Review

May 14, 2008
It's been said that to get noticed on MySpace you need to really promote your music and have a mass number of fans to back you or your band. If recording companies and other music related parties see that you are very popular this will definitely improve your chances of making a profitable career with your music. One main benefit from using a service such as Increase Song Plays is that you get more reach for musical abilities. There are tons of artists that really have great potential but due to the monstrous popularity of MySpace they will struggle to get their voice heard.

Getting many more plays and views will lead to more exposure and that can only mean 1 thing, if your music is good enough you will make more fans. Sell your mp3's to your fans and really start making money for you music and intern you will be getting your music out there.

The only thing that struggling artists want is a chance to get themselves noticed but most of the time it is very difficult to acquire that chance. Then, how is it that these talented artists will achieve their goal? It is through Increase Song Plays.

Increase Song Plays is a site that will make you and your work popular through social networking site MySpace. MySpace is the best place to advertise anything because of its numerous users. Increase Song Plays is a unique system if you want to promote your work to obtain a golden opportunity. The site advertises your songs and increases you MySpace song plays to push your music career forward. The more the plays and views that you get, the greater the number of fans you will have. You will be popular in no time.

Increase Song Plays has a smart advantage sale. You can apply for:


These offers give you Views & Mp3 Plays every day for 7 days

* Views = 100 Mp3 = 250 = 2,450 $12.95
* Views = 250 Mp3 = 500 = 5,250 $23.95
* Views = 500 Mp3 = 1,000 = 10,500 $45.95
* Views = 2,500 Mp3 = 5,000 = 52,500 $119.95
* Views = 5,000 Mp3 = 10,000 = 105,000 $199.95

These offers give you Views & Mp3 Plays every day for 30 days

* Views = 100 Mp3 = 250 = 9,800 $45.95
* Views = 250 Mp3 = 500 = 21,000 $85.95
* Views = 500 Mp3 = 1,000 = 42,000 $159.95
* Views = 2,500 Mp3 = 5,000 = 210,000 $389.95
* Views = 5,000 Mp3 = 10,000 = 420,000 $699.95

If you are thinking of trying there services, 1st step is to select a plan and then register your details. They will then notify you when you plan begins and when it is coming near it's end.

You should take note that for best results in the long run I would recommend you should start with a small plan and then slowly build up your account over time to avoid standing out to much as a MySpace artist. The more natural it looks the better it will work for you in pushing you up the charts.

These guys are the main players in the Increase Plays industry with over 18 months knowledge and over 2,000 customers served. If you are a struggling artist who needs to promote their music then Increase Song Plays is the best choice. You will not be disappointed by their incredible service.
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