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Writing Successful Cover Letters

May 14, 2008
When searching for a job, you should think of yourself as a product and the marketer of that product at the same time. Companies that offer job prospects should be thought of as buyers of a product. And these are not just ordinary buyers, as they are spending thousands of dollars on buying the product which is you. So, think of them as you would think in terms of a car buyer seeking to purchase a brand new car at the right price. Successful car dealers are successful not necessarily because they all sell flashy cars, but because they tend to offer give the buyers the impression that they are getting the best value for their money. Approach job hunting and the writing of your resumes and cover letters in this way and you will be primed for success.

The cover letter is the best place to entice a company to hire you. It's like the preview of a movie, the first chapter of a book and your chance to make a good first impression. No one is going to wait to get to the good part in the middle of the movie if the beginning is dull or incomprehensible. And the same thing applies to a book, which is the reason why a good cover letter is important. If the resume is the main event, like the middle of the book or movie, than the cover letter is your introduction or exposition. The cover letter is a synopsis of the reasons why the company should hire you, a presentation of the reasons why they should even bother reading your resume. Don't forget that you're not the only person who applied for the job. A lot of other people are vying for the same post so it is important you use every single edge available to you.

A great cover letter should answer the main questions of the employer and give them a reason to call you up for an interview. They want to know what motivates you, why they should hire you and why you are the right one that meets with their needs.

When writing an effective cover letter, your focus should be job-specific, most people have a one-size fits all cover letter which they modify as required and give to employers who have jobs on offer. Well, the truth is that this won't cut it anymore. You have to explain how your particular skills and experiences match the particular job that you are applying for: this is what really concerns your potential employer.

Make sure that the cover letter adequately markets who you are. This is your chance to make the employer buy into whatever you are selling in the resume. If your cover letter doesn't get the message across, then don't count on them reading the resume, because they haven't paid for your services yet and nothing is compelling them to continue. Another essential thing to do is to make sure that your cover letter is thoroughly checked to eliminate grammatical errors, because nothing puts people more off a sales pitch than an error, whether glaring or subtly hidden.
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