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The Process Of Home Foreclosures Explained

May 15, 2008
It has been common for many loans to require collateral, and many types of collateral end up being the very home of the borrower. So when things go wrong in such a situation, consumers can lose the very homes they live in- meaning they could be out of a house. To fix such a daunting and frightening situation, there are a few things to keep in mind about house foreclosures.

A foreclosure is a procedure in which a lender who has not received his or her money in a legal loan takes the collateral offered by the borrower in hopes to sell it to remake the lost money in the loan. In the case of the house being the piece of collateral, the process is commonly called a home foreclosure. The process can be a very long and arduous task to go through, although borrowers aren't without help in the matter.

If a borrower does indeed default on a loan, which is to say they don't pay it on time, they will likely have to go through the act of foreclosing their house. But in a court of law, the act can be reversed if the borrower can make up the debt on a prompt time and place. This will of course require a financial lawyer in order to proceed with the case. A lawyer can help with all the legal terms and laws that the normal consumer will know nothing about, and thus, one should not avoid obtaining a lawyer in such a process.

A consumer who is going through the process of a foreclosure should immediately review the contract signed within the loan agreement. There are specifics that must be reviewed in order to go about trying to pay the debt, or at least lessening the blow to one's financial assets. In many cases, lenders include clauses that can ensure consumers will have little hope to repay the debt immediately, and thus the lender will usually auction the house in a prompt manner.

For the borrower, the auctioning of the house can be a very sad ordeal. But for those who are looking for a home or a good investment property, it is common for foreclosed houses to sell below market value if the loan difference is made up. Otherwise, lenders will commonly declare the auction a loss and try to sell the property via other means. Nevertheless, foreclosed homes are always worth investigating should one be present.

In Conclusion

The prospect of a foreclosure is never a happy time for those who may lose their home- but their are ways to get things back on track. Talking to a financial advisor or a lawyer should be the first step in getting one's life back on track.

In the end, this should be a life lesson for those who go through the foreclosure process- never sign something that one can't commit to, and always have a backup option just in case.
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